10-21-15 Wednesday

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Notice that Spitz, over there to the right, is all “Lady! Stop takin’ our picture and come snuggle!”

Flirty Spitz.

Gorgeous Phelps.

Louganis, making the leap.

And Phelps.

“Ceiling fan! Stop that spinning! You’re making me dizzy!”

Phelps, giving the innernets the sultry eyes.

Spitz considers the ceiling fan.

Torres shows off her shaved belly.

Phelps on the wall tree, with the crazy long-tentacled octopus.


Y’all, Andrea is going to have an auction to benefit Winnie’s Wish. Go check out her post about it, and if you have something you can donate for the auction, I know she’d be very appreciative!


Poor Archie. He thought he was going to go into the garage with Maxi, but she made it clear that that was NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

She ran him off but good.

I’d say that she hates Archie, but the truth is that Maxi hates all the other cats, with the possible exception of Newt. She’ll tolerate Newt, and will occasionally rub up against him. Imagine her surprise when she rubbed against Newt the other night and realized he was actually Stefan. OH, the dramatics!


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10-21-15 Wednesday — 14 Comments

    • I take a LOT of pictures. I probably took 100+ pictures of them leaping, and only a few turned out. Thank god for digital cameras. 🙂

      That line is on the driveway – we have a cement driveway. The entire property is Maxi’s do-not-cross zone! 🙂

  1. I’m surprised that Maxi confused Newt and Stefan. They certainly look alike to me, but I thought cats had some sort of extra-feline perception to tell look-alikes apart.

    • That’s what I thought! But back when she was a kitten, Stinkerbelle mistook Maxi for Tommy, and ran over to rub against her, so I guess they rely more on what they see than we realize.

      • My Jinx and Tuxie are both tuxedo cats with white strips on their noses. Trixie loves Jinx but not Tuxie. But occasionally I catch her sniffing nose to nose with Tuxie, only then to recoil and hiss at him! I think she does get them confused! 😀

  2. Awwww. I reread your post from 2011 and found my comments about my feleuk kittens! Peppercorn, Poppyseed, and Giselle did live happily and healthily for about a year or so. They lived with me for a while, and then when they became too rambunctious for one room, they lived with my boyfriend in his apartment and were little terrors to him. He loved it actually – except when they chewed through his expensive cables… When they reached six months, they moved to the shelter and were loved and doted on by many volunteers and most of the other cats who lived there.

    Unfortunately, cats who are infected with feleuk in utero seldom live very long. And one by one, when they were about eighteen months old, each became ill and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. But they had a good and happy life, although it was too short.

  3. Love all the action shots today, especially Maxi & Archie. So funny! It make me wonder… How does our favourite Sheriff Mama feel about our sweet Archikins?

    • She mostly ignores him – though at snack time I have witnessed her butting heads with him (in a friendly way), so maybe he could charm her with a box of crunchies and a toy or two!