10-20-15 Tuesday

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Lazy, lazy, lazy. Y’all get up and a get a job! Earn your keep!

::thlurrrp:: I think that’s Phelps, but I can’t swear to it.

That is definitely Phelps because wahhhhhhhh, he’s da BAYBEE.

Torres. Nice how the bleach stain (above her head) on the comforter/rug coordinates with her pink collar.

“Pow, lady. Right in the kisser!” Torres shows off her fearsome claws.

Spitz would like it known that in actuality HE is, in fact, da BAYBEE.

Torres pins down Spitz so that she can clean his ears.

Then she bites one, because that boy has some tasty ears.

They take a break for a double ::thlurrrp::-fest.

And Torres tries to look innocent.

Such a pretty boy.

I’ve had a few comments and emails about the Swimmers going to Petsmart so close to Halloween. I absolutely understand the concern, but I’m not worried. I completely trust the adoption counselors – after all this time, they are really good at weeding out the danger and they don’t hesitate to stop an adoption if something seems hinky. They know what they’re doing, and I know they wouldn’t adopt out any kitten to someone who means to do them harm.

(And to be honest, I have a hard time believing that someone could get through the adoption interview without raising any red flags and then would also be willing to spend $150 on the adoption fee for a kitten that they then mean to harm.)

They’re headed to Petsmart early on Thursday. I know they’ll do fine, because these might be the most confident kittens I have ever had. Nothin’ scares ’em (except for maybe the vacuum), and hopefully the right people will be along soon.

Speaking of nothing scaring them, I have a story. In front of the storage cabinet in the computer room, I have a Sofa Scram mat. If you step on it, it emits a very loud beep. I got it because someone was fond of spraying against the front of the cabinet. Spraying has been less of an issue in the past few months, but a certain someone (I won’t name names) will still occasionally spray there. Since the storage cabinet is made of that cheap fake-wood stuff that is VERY absorbent, I keep the Sofa Scram pad in front of the cabinet at all times. All of the permanent residents know to stay away from it, because they don’t like that loud beep at all.

The Swimmers will accidentally step on the Sofa Scram mat, and then they just STAND THERE, looking around, all “Wow. Somethin’s spookin’ the cattle!” with big cartoon question marks over their pointy little heads. More than once, I’ve had to go over and lift a kitten off the mat.

Silly kittens and their little marshmallow-Fluff brains.


Newt has really taken over the top of that Room with a View lately. It’s where he spends most of his days, and many of his nights as well.


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10-20-15 Tuesday — 9 Comments

  1. the 2009 link… ” “I sure am glad they’re off the bottle,” I said to Fred. “I don’t know that I really want to have bottle babies again. They make me worry too much.” ” Bwhahahahaha!!!!!

    Did you know that every cat pictured today is laying down? Or is that the reason for the ‘lazy’ comment on the first picture and I just didn’t get it?

    • I totally did not notice that all the cats in today’s post are laying down! I’m telling you, they are just as lazy as they can be. 🙂

  2. oh geez – the image of the kittens standing on the mat making it beep and freaking out the permanent residents made mom laugh…..

    (and I may be going to hell, but that video of Maddie on the printer cracks me up EVERY TIME)

    • Oh, that Maddie video is hilarious. I laugh every time too, so I’ll see you in hell…

  3. Speaking of worries about black cat adoptions, when I was fostering some black cats I asked the adoption counselor whom I was working with whether they had trouble getting them adopted. She smiled and said, “This is New York City. Everyone wears black, so we don’t have trouble getting black cats adopted–it’s the ones that are mostly or all white that people don’t want.”

    And it seems to be true. But with one brown tabby-and-white, one orange tabby-and-white, and one all-black cat, I can’t win when it comes to cat hair on my clothing.

    • Good point, when you wear black all of the time, it helps when your cat is black too.

      That said, I have black cats and yet, all five or ten of their white belly hairs end up on my black clothes. I’m pretty sure that they pluck them specifically for that purpose.