10-19-15 Monday

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In case you didn’t see it on the Facebook page Saturday, this happened:

This leaves Zuke and Ambercup at Petsmart waiting for their people to come along. They’re handling their stay at Petsmart just fine – Teresa posted a video of them playing before she went in to clean, and I shared it on the FB page.


I have an update on a former foster! This time last year, this guy was charming us all:

That is, indeed, the Sherman formerly known as Trader Joe. Lilly drove all the way to Alabama from Wisconsin to adopt him, and on the way home she sent a picture that makes me laugh every time I look at it.

Now here he is, all grown up and gorgeous!

Sherman turned 1 on August 6th and he continues to get more handsome and more floofy! His fur is still kitten soft and SO luxurious! He is VERY long and lean and I think he’s going to keep growing for awhile. He’s still got a lot of kitten energy and he makes me laugh all the time with his antics. He doesn’t meow very often but he does make a lot of other noises all the time–lots of chirps and trills and talking (especially when he’s feeling “zoomy”!).

The sad news is that Charlie the tripod (pictured above) passed away just a few days after Sherman’s birthday. It was unexpected to some degree and totally devastating. Charlie was Sherman’s #1 kitty friend and since his passing, Sherman has been trying to win over the girls…without much success! 🙂 The girl kitties think he’s still too much of a wild boy! At the end of the day, though, when he’s all tuckered out from his own shenanigans, he can sometimes convince Pearl to cuddle with him.

Sherman and Pearl.

I still can’t believe I drove all the way from Wisconsin to Alabama to fetch little Shermie…but it was TOTALLY worth it! He is a one of a kind kitty–so funny, such a nut, so handsome, and SO dang sweet! Oh and in case you’re wondering…his OFFICIAL, formal name is Sherman Joseph–a nod to his beginnings as Trader Joe! 🙂

Thank you so much for the update, Lilly – I sure do love seeing his sweet, gorgeous face. I knew he was going to grow up to be beautiful, and he did NOT disappoint!

By the way, you can follow the adventures of Sherman, Pearl and May (and Lilly!) on Instagram.


Speaking of updates, recognize these little faces?

That’s Skinny Pete, Combo, and Badger. Kathie reports that they are doing great!

Kathie said that it’s hard to get pictures of them – they’re at that age when they’re always on the move and don’t sit still for a second. They’re fat and happy little muffinheads and love the feather teaser, laser light, and climbing the cat tree.


So, I have actually been back from Myrtle Beach since last Tuesday evening. I had pre-written and scheduled posts through Friday because I’m always a bit discombobulated when I get back from vacation, even when the vacation is only a few days.

On Thursday I took the Swimmers for their spay and neuters. They came through surgery just fine, and they should be headed off to Petsmart soon. They’re a quartet of super-sweet, super-friendly, extremely confident kittens, so hopefully they won’t be at Petsmart long.

Louganis and Phelps, guffawing at their own jokes.

Phelps from above.

These kittens walk around with their tails straight up in the air at all times. I’m not kidding when I call them confident kittens. Very little scares them!

Spitz and Louganis.

The Swimmers, house panther division.

Louganis is amazed by those window beds, too.

Speaking of those window beds: they are held in place by really big suction cups at the top and bottom. The windows aren’t quite wide enough for me to use the suction cups on the bottom, so they’re just kind of wedged between the window and the frame. The suction cups at the top (attached to the end of a hard plastic “wire”) stick to the window just fine, I’ve never had one pull off.

The kittens jump from the top of the cat tree to the window beds, and the beds don’t budge. They are the Sunny Seat cat bed, and you can find them at Amazon. I can’t swear to it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen them at Petsmart and Petco. They’re rated to hold up to 50 pounds; I can’t speak to that, but I can tell you that Tommy used to sleep in one. He weighed 14 pounds, and he got into the bed by jumping up into it pretty hard, and it never budged.

Spitz, showing the orange teddy bear who the boss is.

Phelps in the Ham-mick.

Spitz likes to talk to the ceiling fan.


This picture is from July, before we harvested the corn. Archie was following me around, and when I turned the water on, the hose made a hissing sound and Archie found it fascinating and a little scary.

Archie of the corn.


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  1. Lilly, so sorry to hear about Charlie. Sending you hugs. Thank you so much for the Sherman (Trader Joe) update. Hey, I almost drove up from Florida for him (but am at my kitty limit). I completely understand. 🙂 He is GORGEOUS.

    Hurray for Calabash! May he have a FOREVER loving home!!!

  2. lol @ “Archie of the Corn” …he looks relaxed after determining that hose/snake wasn’t a threat

    Sherman is getting to be so big, oh my! I wonder if his floof will just keep expanding into the universe until we are all sucked into it!

  3. Lilly, so sorry to hear about Charlie. Sherman is absolutely gorgeous on the outside and sounds like he his a lot of fun. Thanks for adopting him and providing such a great home for him.

  4. YAY for Sherman update (and now we are following them too). We are sorry to hear about Charlie…hopefully the girls will learn to love Sherman. 🙂

    The BeeBees look great. And that picture of the house panther division of the Swimmers reminds me of Cerberus.

  5. Good GRIEF Sherman grew up all kinds of gorgeous!!! That TAIL of his is just insane!!!!!

    (Archie of The Corn… ::: giggling uncontrollably ::: )

  6. This may just be the worrier in me — but is there any way to hold those sweet babies until after Halloween? You always hear about bad things happening to black cats specifically adopted around the end of October…I don’t know if the stories are rumors or truth, but I worry :-/

  7. Also sad to hear about charlie, I would love to cuddle up with Sherman but it’s a bit of a commute. And it’s not like he’s not living in the lap of luxury and blossoming in all of his fluffy glory. Hopefully the girls will thaw out a little and all three of them can sleep together in a big pile of kitty.

    Always glad to hear about former updates. Thanks Lilly!!

    I don’t see how any one could NOT adopt Zuke and Ambercup. Hopefully this week someone will come to their senses.

    Glad though that Calabash found her forever home.

  8. Hee hee, Archie of the corn. All that picture would need is Stefan stalking (I made a funny!) him from a few rows back…

    So, yay Calabash! Lucky family… And lucky Pearl who gets to snuggle with Shermie-Joe! WOW, what a beautiful boy he is.

  9. I have a question that has nothing to do with this post. I think you mentioned once that you have a heating pad in one of your cat houses. I have an older cat that I would like one for. But, obviously want one that safe for cats and safe to leave on when I’m not home. Thanks for any information you have.

    • We use the small K&H heating pads in Maxi’s house and in the container Archie used last winter on the front porch as well as in various places in the house. It does a good job, and it’s safe to leave on. In fact, we had one in the front room that we left there until the middle of the summer. Now it’s getting coldish again, and I think I need to put it back!

  10. Lilly, thank you for sharing those pictures of Sherman – we all knew he would grow up GORGEOUS! Hugs and condolences to you on Charlie’s passing. He looked to be quite the character – with the heart to welcome and befriend an upstart kitten.

  11. I was very happy to see that the shelter where I volunteer started using those exact window beds in the adult cat room this summer. There are some pretty hefty cats in there-nobody’s fallen yet!

  12. How is Creed doing? I hope someone fosters or better yet adopts him soon. I feel so bad he has been at the shelter so long. Wish I did not live so far.

    • He’s doing well; he’s at the shelter, in the cat room, and he gets plenty of attention. I hope that someone falls in love with him and adopts him – he’s a sweet boy, but he can be a bit of a bully.

  13. Calabash! Sherman! What a banner day, right down to two adorable Archie (of the corn) photos. Condolences to Lilly H. on the loss of Charlie, who was clearly adorable — and adored.

  14. Lilly-I am so sorry about Charlie-what a darling boy he was. I really dread to think of what will happen when one of my male cats pass away-they are 19 and 17-and the very best of friends. My female cat wants nothing to do with either of them, so this does worry me.