10-16-15 Friday

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I am on vacation this week, but pre-wrote and scheduled posts so y’all wouldn’t have to go without!

(I am actually home – got home Tuesday evening – but scheduled posts through today because it always takes a few days to recover from being gone.)


Random Squash Bugs pics – from 3 weeks to 3 months.

(Click on any of the pictures to see the larger version over at Flickr.)


Spitz and Torres, scheming on how to get that camera (or at least the camera strap) away from me.


Spitz and the rough life.


“Hallo, innernets. Is time to wake up and give snacks to kittehs, please.”


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10-16-15 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. I’m here to report a Crooked Acres dream. I was there to help feed the chickens, which involved filling a bucket from one of several bins of seeds lined up in a shed, then tossing the seed into the designated area of grass (each about 8′ square, marked off with low stakes and ropes). I got upset with myself because, in the next to last area, I tossed some of the seed onto the adjacent square. And in the shed, Fred had painted “walk this way miss Robyn” on the floor, one word at a time in a vertical line, and I couldn’t figure out why he spelled it “miss” instead of “miz”. Then I got to ride in the back seat of a large white SUV while you drove with a friend somewhere. You started discussing someone’s 4 year old child who was signing up for a marathon, and that’s about all I remember. I’m very disappointed that I didn’t see a single animal in the whole dream.
    Also, you’re a bad influence – yesterday my cat came up to me and started talking. I said (to a 16 year old cat) “WAH, are you the BAYBEE?” She replied, “certainly not, and I don’t believe I care for your tone, human.” Or maybe it was “why are you not petting me”, hard to say.

    • Oh my, this made me laugh! It’s almost as good as an authentic Miz Robyn post! There should be a special section on this blog for reader’s dreams, as they seem to happen with surprising regularity and frequency. The fact that the subconscious of so many readers are coming up with these quite complex dreams with multiple scenes that involve funny and/or interesting interactions with Robyn and/or Fred is testament to how deeply invested we readers of this blog are in the goings-on at Crooked Acres.