10-27-16 Thlurrrpsday

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I have a wonderful update! It’s only been 3 1/2 weeks since she went home, but so far it sounds like things are going great!

Tamra says:

Branwen (Juniper) is doing well. We are all getting to know each other. She is quick as lightning and has definitely upped Drum’s exercise game. We kept Branwen separated from Drum for about a week and then started letting her out for an hour or 2 per day. After a couple of days of this soft integration, we opened the door.

Branwen’s basket is half the size of Drum’s, the camera angle makes her look much bigger than she is compared to Drum. We had our first Vet’s visit last week and she weighed in at 5 lbs, 2 ozs.

Besides our first litter box issue, which was my fault, she is eating well and using her boxes well. As a matter of fact Drum started using her boxes that are filled with Tidy Cat instead of his box which was filled with the World’s Best (I think that makes it not the World’s Best 🙂 ). We have switched over to Tidy Cat! She found both of our cat trees and enjoys running up and down them and using them for sleeping spots.

I am so very glad that we made the decision to adopt Branwen. After Clairee’s death a year and a half ago, our house was devastated.

She was a sweetie-pie and so beautiful.

About six months ago, I felt that Drum needed a companion and started looking around. I knew that I wanted to adopt from Challenger’s House. I started looking for somebody close to Drum’s age, but nobody seemed quite right. I was also following the Evergreens on Robyn’s blog. When Juniper was left alone and I started thinking maybe a kitten would work better than an adult – yikes! And I was smitten with both Privet and Juniper so here we are…

Zonked out after a day of play…

Mr. Drum too…

Branwen and her parents want to thank the Andersons for the incredible toy bag you sent home with her!

Thank you so much for the update, Tamra. We love a happy ending/beginning!


As a note – Drum and Clairee were our fosters as kittens back in 2010 for less than two weeks along with their sisters Truvy, M’Lynn, and Ouiser (the Magnolias litter). Drum and Clairee were adopted together and then returned one year later. They stayed with us just for a day or two before going to Petsmart, where they were adopted – again together! Below are pictures of each of them from the first and then second time we had them. What a beautiful pair of siblings! I’m so glad Juniper can provide Drum with some companionship and activity.

(I always love it when one of my fosters ends up in a home with one of my previous fosters – it’s like they were kind of related to start with, and thus meant to be together!)

Baby Clairee.

Baby Drum.

Clairee at one year old.

Drum at one year old.


Happy Thlurrrpsday!

::thlurrrp:: says Iva.

And Charleston, too.

Charlotte’s got some thlurrrps to ::thlurrrp::

Raleigh shows off his curved-tongue technique.

Charleston, thinking while he ::thlurrrp::s.

Chesnee knows you’re watching her.

Iva does, too.

Raleigh’s got places to go, ::thlurrrps:: to do.

Charleston’s about to bite my toes when the ::thlurrrp::ing is through.

A little high off the silvervine pillow, Charlotte pulls the stretch-and-::thlurrrp:: maneuver.

And then she ::thlurrrp::s in the tiny basket.


I have no ::thlurrrp::y pictures of any permanent residents this time around, but here’s a shot of the inside of Dennis’s mouth. Check out that kidney bean-shaped spot on the roof!

He is one seriously beautiful boy.


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10-27-16 Thlurrrpsday — 14 Comments

  1. Yay for updates and former fosters in happy homes!!

    Dennis is beautiful! And you know I am eagerly awaiting the reappearance of Devil Dennis in a couple of days to lure me back to the Dark Side! 😉

  2. I love the photo of Dennis’s mouf.
    I am so sorry to hear about Clairee. She sure was pretty. She had a short life but it was full of adventure and she ended up with a wonderful family. These Carolinas are so beautiful. Their colors and markings are exceptional. Good thing too since I suspect they are insane.

  3. So happy to see Juniper settled in with her new brother, but shocked and saddened to hear about little Clairee. I’m glad Her brother has a new sister now to keep him company. I remember that litter and I specifically remember Drum. I’d gone to Petsmart with my parents not long after I broke my ankle in 2010 and had my wheelchair and I went to visit the kitties in the adoption center. Drum and his sisters were there and I held him on my lap. Stuffed him in my coat actually and he made himself quite comfortable. Was so tempted to wheel us both out of there!

  4. Yay Juniper! Love to see updates. And it’s good to see Dennis, I feel like I haven’t seen him in awhile.

    I spent an inordinate amount of time yesterday trying to find this post: https://www.love-and-hisses.com/2015/09/09/ Cracks me up every time! I had to save it so I can find it more easily next time.

  5. Tamra,thank you for the great update. Drun and Branwen look close to compatibility really fast! Thank you for those photos.

  6. Aww, I had no idea when I saw your picture on Facebook of Drum and Clairee that one of them had passed away. I’m glad Juniper got a good home though and Drum now has a new buddy.