10-4-19 Friday

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Have any of the fosters ventured through the cat door into the screened off porch area, and into the Realm of the Permies?

They have not, thankfully, and if they did we’d have to figure out how to keep them upstairs-only. If they could get through the cat door to the screened porch, it’d be a small step to get through the cat door to the outside, and that would be BAD news. No fosters allowed outside!


Just really noticing, Auntie Kat’s beautiful green eyes. How about the kittens, green eyes for them too? And just wondering if grey, brown tabbies mostly have green eyes.

The kittens all seem to have eyes that are more gold at this point, but it’s hard to know exactly what color they’ll end up being.


You’ve probably answered this before and my apologies and I couldn’t find it — what type of large cat tree is in your bedroom? Since we were gifted a (very large) Ragdoll kitten, we are looking for a larger, more sturdy cat tree. He is currently using the one that we use for foster kittens, but he barely fits in any of the platform beds and every time he leaps into it, I fear for his life (and whoever might be close to the tree at the time) since it sways like a pine tree in a hurricane. Thanks!

That is a Molly & Friends PicaSso cat tree. It’s 68″ tall and it’s very solid and sturdy, and holds up well to the abuse from the kittens (and Katriane and the permanent residents). I’ve always found Molly & Friends trees to be very very well made and solid. This is a link for reference to that exact tree, but I didn’t pay nearly that much for mine – I got it at Home Goods a couple of years ago, and I think I paid about $150 for it.


I’ve wanted to put one of my kitties in charge of cat food can cleanliness, but I worry about their little tongues! Am I weird? Do their scratchy tongues protect them from sharp can edges? Not concern-trolling you at all, more asking permission from the cat community so I won’t be a bad cat mom.

I’ve honestly never had any problem with cats scraping or cutting their tongues – and Newt’s not our only can-cleaner, just the most diligent. Kara, Jake and sometimes Archie all partake of the can dregs, and we’ve not had any issues.


Robyn (and everyone else), do you know of any rescue shelters in South Texas (San Antonio/Austin or farther south) that will take unadoptable cats? My sister’s best friend passed away and left behind the only cat my sister (and me, too!) has ever been scared of. Gracie loved Jody, but other than that, she is literally an attack cat. My sister would try to take her anyway, but she has an ancient cat of her own, so it’s not really possible.

Amy said: Try Shadow Cats in Austin. They take in strays, ferals and FIV/Feuleuk positive cats and other unadoptables. They work with the ones they can adopt out and are a sanctuary for the rest. Good luck!!

Anyone else have suggestions? Please feel free to chime in!


I noticed how well you cat fence blends into the landscape. I had to look hard to see it.

Unless the sun is directly hitting the cat fence, it blends in really well, and you have to look closely to see it – which I love!


How can that be comfortable?!! With all the available sleeping places Fleur, Henri and Gabrielle choose to power nap on the rubber mats in front of the litter boxes..

With 10,000 soft, comfy places to sleep (including an entire couch!), those kittens just love to sleep in the most uncomfortable-looking spots.


Why have you chosen the Cat Lady box over the KitNip box?

We get both the Cat Lady Box (which contains mostly items meant for humans + a cat toy) and the KitNip Box (all items meant for cats). The kittens like sleeping/hanging out in both boxes, but the KitNip Box had recently been barfed in and so the box had to be tossed.


Why do the kittens only seem to play with Aunt Kat’s tail and not mom’s? Margeaux seems to be silently missing from any interaction with her brood. Is that normal?

They play with Margeaux’s tail too, I just don’t always catch it. At this point Margeaux is trying to wean them, so she spends most of her time on her belly and is less fun than Katriane, who will play with them since she’s not much more than a kitten herself.


Hold on, did the butter toy come with the Cat Loaf? Because that would be hilarious.

Yes! The ToastyCat bed comes with a plush butter toy. Isn’t that awesome?


I have to ask as a very curious mind wants to know. What is behind the little door between the bookshelves and windows ?? I have seen it a few pictures lately and can’t stop thinking about it now. Is it a Narnia closet ?? A portal to more kittens that never grow up ??


What’s behind the door nestled in the middle of the storage unit in the photo of them lined up for their class picture (minus Luc)? It’s the secret door that leads to Kitten Land, isn’t it??! I knew it!

That is a very boring, VERY cluttered small closet that holds extra litter boxes and other things that won’t fit in the built-in cabinets.


I hope you are going to re-post that permanent residents picture with all of them circled. I can only see the ones inside — Alice, Jake, Khal, Frankie.

I didn’t circle them, but I labeled them. There aren’t actually any cats visible through the screen in this picture; you’re seeing shadows or stumps or leaves. The rest of the permanent residents were either inside or out in the yard to the left (off-camera), which is the most shaded and comfortable.


Katriane hanging out with Gabrielle and Henri.


Luc’s all “Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.”

Margeaux’s all “See, kids? This is where the lady stands when she’s making us a plate of canned food. She’s not making us a plate right now because she’s a slacker, but IF she was, this is where she’d be standing.”

Beauregard’s all “Um. Whatcha waiting for, lady?”

Katriane rests for a moment.

Katriane on the back of the living room couch. I was trying to lure all the kittens with the feather teaser, and as usual whenever Katriane hears a feather teaser, she’s all “WHAT’S GOING ON, HERE?!”

Luc wandered in to see what was going on.

And Gabrielle wondered if you’d seen her smile yet.

Five of the 6, snoozing on the tree. Fleur is 100% over my nonsense at the moment.

I wandered into the foster room to see this sight. There are at least three kittens in there with her – Gabrielle, Josephine and Henri. There MIGHT be a 4th kitten buried under there, I’m not sure.

Margeaux, sitting in the kitchen watching me through the window and looking verrrry disapproving.


Oh, that Archie. He is such a pretty boy; I wish he was less of a grump toward other cats.


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