10-4-16 Tuesday

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In yesterday’s comments, Laney said: Hi Robyn! I thought you had a video of one of your fosters nursing on a blanket, but I can’t find it. Help?

My mind went completely blank, and I searched through my video file, only finding one of Rambo (from 2005!) that wasn’t even uploaded on YouTube. So I uploaded it…

YouTube link

And then I thought some more, and remembered these two of Hydrox, who adored nursing on fleece cat beds.

YouTube link

YouTube link

I KNOW there are more, but my mind is blank. Y’all happen to remember videos of kittens nursing on blankets that I’ve shared? Help me out? I’d like to at least track them down on YouTube and tag them so I can find them all in the future if I need to!


Darry’s keeping an eye on me.

Sodapop in the cube – always keeping an eye on me. I must need a lot of snoopervision.

Two-Bit thinks the pagoda cat tree (in the hallway) is pretty neat.

Darry comes moseying in after checking out Fred’s room.

The kittens think Fred’s room is the place to be. I love the smile on Two-Bit’s face.

Two-Bit fighting with the little cat tree, while Ponyboy looks around.

Why yes, I DO have a big stack of aluminum steam table pans on the bookcase. They come in really handy when the fosters are tiny and just starting to learn how to use litter boxes.

Two-Bit is such a pretty boy.

Usually Ponyboy’s the one being pinned, but he managed to get the upper paw (the upper jaw?) on Two-Bit this time.

Two-Bit and Sodapop were wrasslin’, and then they decided to run. I caught them at the beginning of their run…

Then Two-Bit decided to jump over Sodapop, and this just cracks me UP. “Giddyup!”


Hey look, it’s Stefan! Sleeping! Why, you hardly ever see THAT.


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10-4-16 Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. Your action shots of kittens in mid-air continually amaze me!! And I know it takes you many, many blurred shots to get the good ones but I’m so glad you love to take all those pictures!

    This is a sweet bunch, despite the tussling, but looking back at previous posts, I do miss the open mouths of outrage from the Grocers!! 😀

  2. D’awwww.. I have a petite 14yr old ginger/orange lady who still nurses on a pillowcase… she would go for my earlobe if I would let her. I think it’s incredibly adorable and it is a habit that seems to make them feel comfortable and calm.

    • I am trying to wean my baby (5 months) as she likes to suckle on my neck. That is fine…however, she uses her teeth (scissoring action) and it hurts! I tell her that she is a big girl now and we are turning Suckles into Snuggles. I lay her on her back on my legs and stroke her face till she falls asleep. It is a bit of a slow process, but it seems to be working.