10-5-16 Wednesday

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Two-Bit is such a little FLIRT.

“What you doin’, weird lady?”

This looks like an ad for Bombas socks.

I just love that Darry. (And he loves me, even though he looks perpetually OVER my nonsense.)

“::SIGH:: I guess if you gots to rub the belleh, you gots to rub the belleh. Make it quick.”

“::SIGH:: Just snuggling with my brudder, lady. That’s all.”

Doesn’t Ponyboy have the most gorgeous eyes?

Two-Bit and the Bunny Paws of Flirtation.

Psst! Ponyboy, your zipper is showing!


Dennis will have you know that life? It is exhausting.

And also, that he is one gorgeous boy. I swear, my cats have the prettiest eyes!


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10-5-16 Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Sigh. My Petey has golden eyes like Two-Bit. So gorgeous. However, Petey is so naughty his pretty eyes don’t save him. #spoiledbrat #thinkspaperisGodsgifttoPetey