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The Sopranos are one month old! Here are pictures of each of them, comparing them at almost 2 weeks old to how they look now, at 1 month old.




Dr. Melfi.

Paulie Walnuts.



I weighed them all yesterday, and except for Tony, they’re all over 1 pound. Tony is only 12 ounces, but he’s still gaining weight (albeit slower than the rest of the litter) and he’s happy and active, so I’m not going to worry.

You can see their weight chart on their page, here (if you want to see it in the future, you can get to that same page by clicking on their picture over there in the sidebar).

“I am but a wee peanut!”

Livia oversees Melfi’s exploration of the scratcher.

Then she sniffs her to make sure she’s clean. A mama’s job is never done!

“HEY GUYS! I’m gettin’ my belly rub! And you’re not! Ha! Ha!”

“Hi! Keep rubbing the belly, lady!”

Silvio waits patiently for his belly rub.

“Mama could use a belly rub, a massage and maybe a bite to eat. But here I lay, keeping the milk bar open out of the kindness of my heart. Hmph.”

Sweet, sweet Adriana.

Paulie Walnuts enjoys his basket of toys.

“Keeping an eye on you, lady. BOTH eyes, in fact.”

Paulie Walnuts shows off his whiskers.

Sweet Miss Carmela wonders if it might be her turn for a belly rub.

Melfi requests that you pretend not to see that piece of litter sticking out the side of her mouth. She’s saving it for later.

Videos! In the first one, the kittens are Just. So. LAZY.

YouTube link.

In the second one, they’re bellying up to the milk bar (and fighting for their favorite spots).

YouTube link.

And in the third, it’s just a few short video segments put together. First, the ceiling fan is talking to Silvio. Then Carmela comes toddling along. Then Livia is bellied up to the bowls of Babycat and the kittens are just kind of wandering around. (You can see how tiny Tony is next to Meadow.) And almost at the end, you can see Paulie unsure of how to move from the wood floor to the blanket. The hop he does is utterly ADORABLE.

YouTube link.


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10-5-13 — 15 Comments

  1. Squeeeeeee! HAPPY CATURDAY!!!! The kittens are so beautiful! They all have very prominent & wide noses / strong ‘muzzles’, with itty bitty downturned mouths – -just like their momma! That last video of all the toddlers.. sooooo cute! I would just spend today (and every day, for that matter) in the kitten room with kittens climbing and clamoring all over me with endless snorgles….nothing would EVER get done! Your self discipline continues to amaze me, Robyn! Have a great weekend!!!

  2. Aw, they’re starting to look like real people, not just itty baybees. Oh, you know what I mean. So cute I can’t stand it, I want to just bury my nose in a pile of kittens and sniff and smooch.

  3. I could watch that yawning, stretching pile o’ kittens all day long!! I just might too.

    Paulie Walnuts in the sun… WOW!! 🙂

    They are all just too cute, every one of ’em. I love this toddling stage so very much…

  4. Do the belly rubs help tiny tummies with digestion, or is it just pure bonding and affection?

  5. I love the “miniature cat” phase! (when they start to look like small cats instead of infant-kittens).

  6. I had not noticed this before, but does Meadow have little white stripes inside her ears, or is that just a trick of the light? Reminds me of the way tulips sometimes have those little white “seams” running inside the petals.

  7. I know this is a cat place, but I think we’re overwhelmingly animal lovers here – so I wanted to share this story and the Facebook page for hopefully updates. Tissue warning! (Also the standard disclaimer about donating with care, etc.)

    They’re in your general area so you may be familiar with it already, as it seems the media is picking it up pretty quickly.

  8. Melfi is going to have to talk to Tony about his weight. Must be his growing alienation from Livia…

  9. OK, so I just noticed Meadow’s markings, during the milk-bar video. Does she have a white band across her shoulders, and two tiny black wings, or what?? It sure looked like it from that angle!