10-5-15 Monday

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I completely spaced on mentioning this in Friday’s post: the Squash Bugs came through their spays and neuter surgeries just fine. I got them home Thursday evening, and I’m pretty sure they had no idea anything had even been done to them. They’re all set to go to Petsmart tomorrow – and I’ll be sad to see them go, but hopeful that they’ll all be adopted quickly.

The Swimmers will be headed for their spay and neuters next week, and then when space permits, they’ll be off to Petsmart, too.

In the evening, we prop the screen door at the bottom of the stairs open so that the kittens can come out into the downstairs and race around. Zuke finds the screen door a little confusing.

Stefan lets Louganis know who the boss is, and it ain’t Louganis.

“Not sure I like that big kitty, lady.”

Torres is super fond of the big fluffy purple blanket Fred has over him while we’re watching TV.

After they race around, they like to pile up on the little tree in front of the window where Tommy used to lay. Here are Ambercup, Spitz, Phelps and Calabash. I think they could fit one more kitten in there if they really wanted to.

Pattypan, Spitz, and Louganis.


“Ess-SCUSE me, lady, you got a bottle over there?”


I love the thousand-yard stare they get when they’re having their bottle.

“Oh, ba-ba, I love you sooooo.”

Skinny Pete has a moment of annoyance.

Baff time for Pete.

Badger has a skeptical.

“Why you keep us in this tub, you awful woman?”

Over the weekend, I got out the playpen I bought to use when the Swimmers were little. I set it up in my room, and on Saturday and Sunday I put the BeeBees in there during the day. At feeding time, I shut the door and let them run around my room. At night, after their last feeding, I put them in the bathtub in my bathroom (I’m sure they’d like to stay in the playpen overnight, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep with them in the same room, peeping and complaining).


“Is time for the snackin’, lady?” Archie’s always ready for snack time. ALWAYS.


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10-5-15 Monday — 22 Comments

  1. The “thousand-yard stare” picture is so adorable with those white eyebrows and all of its cuteness that I actually said, “Dear God” out loud.

  2. Skinny Pete’s moment of annoyance looks like a moment of where the heck was that litter box?? hee hee

    Hey! How about putting those album covers you did last week on stuff in your cafepress store?? I could totally see them on mouse pads, but my hubby says no one uses mouse pads any more, lol Would look good on a mug too!

  3. I know the babies have to go to Petsmart to find their families but I still worry about black cats getting adopted around Halloween… But I know Challenger House will make sure that the potential adopters are screened appropriately!

    • True, it’s not my favorite time to send them to Petsmart. But I know the counselors do a great job of vetting potential adopters. And I like to think the adoption fee will scare off any evildoers!

      (Of course, it’s possible that there won’t be room for the Swimmers before Halloween, anyway. It’ll all depend on how adoptions go.)

  4. LOL… I like how when the kittens are allowed downstairs, Stefan always manages to chomp on one (or more). Do you always have to intervene? would he actually get a bit too aggressive and hurt one? (he sort of reminds me of Lenny with the rabbits in Of Mice & Men)… or is it more a case of him having enough of their nonsense and telling them to settle down & once they do he releases them?

    • He is EXACTLY like Lenny! We occasionally have to intervene, though I will say that he’s gotten better about interacting with the babies than he used to be. Now he might pin one down and try to bite them on the neck, but if they yell (or I say his name), he stops right away. Another couple dozen foster kittens, maybe he’ll make a good uncle. 🙂

      • Heh, at least he’s trying! Being surrounded by random kittens at various times must be so new/different for him. I guess it makes sense it would take some time to learn the boundaries. He’s a good boy! 😀

  5. The beebees are staring to look more grown up! Their ears have almost fully popped. So cute.

    And I just love Archie’s sweet face. What a handsome guy.

    • That is definitely your best picture yet of adorable Archie.

      And Godspeed to the graduating kittens — may they find their ideal families soonest.

    • Yes, it’s instinctual, and it starts at a very very young age – I’ve seen kittens who barely have their eyes open licking their paw.

  6. So sorry (and a somewhat thank goodness) your PetSmart isn’t in our neighborhood. That Pattypan and Calabash would be snatched up immediately by yours truly, and Combo would soon follow… and then, way over our cat limit, we’d be accused of cute hoarding and hauled away. Good luck little sweethearts!

  7. Oh man, that Archie is handsome lad…

    Would you look at the round little tum-tum on Skinny Pete? And those claws on the Bee-Bees!

    I can’t believe it’s Petsmart time already! *sniff*

  8. Whoever adopts Torres will have to get a big purple blanket. She looks stunning in purple!