10-6-15 Tuesday

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Zuke found the pile of washable chenille rugs and found them comfy.

Pattypan has a smug.

Calabash comes to check up on things.

Ambercup was coming up for a snuggle, but got sidetracked by something over there.

“Hallo, innernets.”

“You needs to put this teddy bear in my bag of toys, lady. I likes it.”

Calabash would like to know just what I think I’m doing.

Sweet Miss Pattypan.

Zuke’s eyes are just so GORGEOUS.

The Squash Bugs are off to Petsmart this evening, so I’ll be spending my day snuggling and kissing them. The Swimmers are going to miss their buddies; I know Torres will miss her big sisters.

The best part about having bottle babies is that you get to keep them for a good long time. The bad part is that you get especially attached to them!

Five bucks says at least one of them gets adopted tonight.


The bottle feeding is coming to an end with these guys, I think. I still offer them the bottle three times a day, but they pretty much act like they’re doing me a favor, and they aren’t drinking much.

“Yeah, yeah, lady. It’s a bottle. I got things to do, but I’ll take a swig or two first.”

“How I get on the innernets on this thing?” Skinny Pete wonders.

Combo with attitude.


In their playpen, waiting for the door to magically open.


Jake looks SO MUCH like Elwood in this picture.


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10-6-15 Tuesday — 8 Comments

  1. Wow…he does look like Elwood there.

    I hope you DID put that teddy in her bag of toys. Man, I hate to see them go. Fingers crossed for all of them to have speedy adoptions to loving FOREVER homes. Oh my little Pattypan…I wish you could be mine….sigh….

  2. My my, the Squashbugs have gotten SO big. They grow so fast. Good luck to them in getting new homes soon.

  3. I’ll take that bet, and be happy to lose! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I was going to complain that these kittens were starting to look like cats and I was going to ask you to make them stop, but then you said they were going away and I was all ‘well you get what you ask for don’t you” to myself. *sigh*

  4. Nothing would please me more than for those little critters to be snapped up like hot cakes by good loving homes.

    Oh Zuke, I will miss you and your sisters but there are more people out there to love you.

  5. Oooh can’t wait until the BeeBees are on wet food and I can see pictures of their messy faces!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Sooooo….whatcha gonna do with the $5 you won in the bet? Buy something for the kittens, I trust! Yay for Pattypan!!!!!!