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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-10-06 (13)
Probably the last Rose of Sharon bloom for the season.

2011-10-06 (12)
I am now understanding why y’all were amazed that I planted Purslane. Invasive is exactly the word I’d use to describe this stuff. It’s growing EVERYWHERE now. (On the plus side, next year I’ll just harvest it from the lawn!)

2011-10-06 (11)
Left to right, Meyer Lemon tree, sweet gum tree (which started growing in the driveway, then Fred potted it to see if he could keep it growing. Because we don’t have enough sweet gum trees. Please, can we have more gum balls to slip on in the Fall and Winter?) and garlic chives, which didn’t do much this summer.

2011-10-06 (10)
Leaves are finally changing.

2011-10-06 (9)
Volunteer tomato plant in the middle of the row of butternut squash.

2011-10-06 (8)
Teeny tiny butternut squash. Hope springs eternal, I guess.

2011-10-06 (7)
If he plants Tabasco peppers next year, I’m going to kill him. What a PAIN to deal with, these tiny peppers.

2011-10-06 (6)
Morning Glory, I love you.

2011-10-06 (5)
Okra flower. So so pretty.

2011-10-06 (4)
Sungold tomatoes. I finally started pulling up the tomato plants earlier this week – got about half of them pulled up – and got a huge bucket of split and chewed-on tomatoes for the pigs and chickens. I’m going to pull the rest of the tomatoes up later today. Time to put the big garden to bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-10-06 (14)
Charlie Peppers now has the nickname “Chuckles.” Patty’s nickname is “Sissy.” I remember a time when I thought Charlie Peppers was never going to meow, he was so quiet. Now he’s the whiniest little complainer I’ve ever seen. Good thing he’s cute.

2011-10-06 (15)
“I sleep now. You go ‘way.”

2011-10-06 (16)

2011-10-06 (17)

2011-10-06 (18)
“HEY. Where you goin’?!”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-10-06 (22)

2011-10-06 (23)
Molly, near the laptop where Fred works on his book. One day he reported that when he sat down to write, the document had a row of Ts across the bottom. Clearly Molly wants to be a writer, too!

2011-10-06 (24)
The face. The little crossed eyes. Doesn’t Lucy Peppers just kill you DEAD?

2011-10-06 (19)
Molly makes herself at home.

2011-10-06 (20)
Tree full o’ Peppers.

2011-10-06 (21)
Pepper tree!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the evening, when it gets dark out, we call all the cats inside so we can close the back door. As a reward for coming inside, they get crunchies. Some cats like them, others don’t. These cats assuredly do.

2011-10-06 (1)
Tommy, Jake, Elwood, Buster, Miz Poo, Corbie.

2011-10-06 (25)


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10-6-11 — 11 Comments

  1. Pepper tree! LOL

    Once, when my husband and I were dating, he sent me an email. It had the word “ass” typed on a line. My husband stated that his kitten had typed it and assumed that she was trying to tell him something since he had not fed her breakfast yet! 🙂 I chuckled! I would also send him faxes labeled to his kitten as when a fax came through, she would attack the fax machine and I silently got satisfaction from entertaining the cat and knowing it drove my husband crazy! 🙂

  2. Simba once sat on my laptop keyboard. He managed to both type and post on Facebook in one motion (actually I suspect it was two… he typed as he sat and posted as I chased him off). I left it as my status for a while… it provoked a lot of curiosity among my friends.

    I keep bringing up the idea of fostering kittens with my husband. He resists, mainly because of the idea of the photo that’s second from the bottom in your post… six grown cats becoming “permanent residents”. If he ever saw your pictures or hears the actual number of permanent residents at your house… well, let’s just say you’re my little secret (and inspiration… it’s going to happen!)

  3. You’re growing garlic chives? Lucky you. I’d save a fortune if they’d take for me, I’m buying them just about every week!

    If you can, wait until they start budding before you harvest them. They have a longer shelf life and for me, a stronger flavor. I use them in place of green scallions in just about everything and they’re a staple in my fridge.

    BTW, would you belive some guy in Miami tried to blame his cat for pulling up criminally offensive pic’s on his computer? Told the court that when he came back to his desk that there were this images that he hadn’t pulled up there and the cat was nearby.

    He dropped that defense pretty quickly.

    • I actually heard about that on the radio! Hard to believe he really thought that was going to work. What an idiot.

      My garlic chives aren’t very happy, so I don’t know that I’m ever going to be harvesting them!

  4. Look at the attitude on those v2.0 Peppers! They have come a long way and are suitably adorable enough to get away with that. 🙂

    I love the rug in your kitchen. LOVE.

  5. This is a true story, my husband is a writer also and one day we had a Main Coon queen who was in heat. My husband came back to find in his search engine a search for “male animal”…we didn’t ask any questions, just figured it was a “Message” from the cat…lol

  6. What’s a sweet gum tree? is it anything like a eucalyptus gum tree? None of my cats like it when I sit on the couch with the laptop in my lap, they figure that’s where they should be – how could I?! And when you put the big garden to bed, do you pull everything out, fertelize it cover it with mulch and just leave it till spring? Hey, I’m new to this gardening thing – might start up my own no dig garden bed this weekend and everthing! erm, how do I keep the cats off it? Those Peppers are adorable. are you going to re-intro version 2 with the original Peppers again any time soon?