10-3-16 Monday

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Sodapop and his teef.

I turned the ceiling fan off, and Darry was fascinated by the slowing and stopping of the fan.

Sodapop’s face is KILLING. ME. DEAD.

Places to go! Litter boxes to see! Things to do!

That picture immediately reminded me of this picture from 2005:

Mister Boogers, racing across the back yard.

Look at those Ears of Concentration! Ponyboy’s not foolin’ around, he’s gonna get those claws SHARP.

Two-Bit has a rest.


Sodapop and Ponyboy (in the cube) are having a meeting about the track toy mouse. Two-Bit snoopervises.

I guess Ponyboy got playing rights this time around.

“Halp! Am trapped under cube! Can’t breathe… save… me…”

SO much attitude from these little muffinheads.

Before Hemlock and Juniper went back to Petsmart, I managed to get one single shot with all six of the kittens present and looking in my general direction! From left to right: Juniper, Sodapop (in the back), Hemlock (with one leg in the basket), Two-Bit, Ponyboy, and Darry.

Five of the six. Juniper was circling behind me, trying to figure out how to get the feather teaser away from me.

Hemlock and Juniper went back to Petsmart Saturday morning with no problems. I mean, they weren’t thrilled to be back (Juniper came out of the carrier, went directly into their cage, and gave me a dirty look), but they were okay. No adoptions on Saturday, but adoptions have been happening more often on Tuesdays, so maybe tomorrow will be their lucky day. Fingers crossed!

The Greasers are getting their last vaccinations tomorrow, so if there’s room for them, they’ll be headed off to Petsmart this week. If not, they’ll stay here a while longer ’til room comes available. We’ll see!

When we got home, after dropping off the kittens and running errands, we put the screen door at the bottom of the stairs and opened the door to the foster room. As I expected, Two-Bit was the first one out the door, followed pretty quickly by Sodapop. Darry darted out, looked around, and ran back in. It took Ponyboy several hours to get up the nerve to peek out, and by Sunday afternoon he was nervously joining Two-Bit and me for a short nap. I suspect, given another day or two, I’ll have all four piled up on the bed with me.


“Iiiiiiii am the Mo of constant sorrowwwwww!” Sing it, Mo!

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10-3-16 Monday — 19 Comments

  1. I think the one to the far right of that group shot is actually Darry, Robyn. You’ve got Sodapop twice, and last I checked there’s only one tailless brown tabby! 😀

  2. Fingers crossed for adoptions quickly!

    In the photo of Mr. Boogers, what a GREAT idea for a cat door in a window! I have never seen that done, but looks like it could work for my sister who has similar windows on the back of her house and “baby-sits” her son’s small dogs.

    • It was great – we wanted to do something without drilling into the window frame or making any kind of permanent change to the window, and Fred’s father made that suggestion. It worked perfectly!

  3. My back hurts looking at Ponyboys claw sharpening.

    That arch! That monster snowshoe of a foot!

  4. So what are Fred’s names for the Greaser litter? And why is Alice Mo all snarly? Or does she need a reason?

        • Me too, it made me giggle.

          A couple of weeks ago, one of my three remaining fosters got sick, and the other two went to Petco in hopes of being adopted.

          I resolved that for now, I was not going to take any more fosters. I adopted a big, sweet, but goofy puppy, and although she loves the kittens, she plays more roughly than I’d like. I was afraid I couldn’t guarantee their safety. I do have two spare bedrooms, but this group was raised underfoot.

          Davy turned out to have FIP, and had to be euthanized on Saturday. I brought the other two fosters back home for a break.

          Now I’m thinking the best way to honor Davy is to keep helping kittens.

          I’m feeling very emotional and want to do the right thing.

          Robyn, I know about Elwood, but have you ever lost foster kittens to FIP?

          • Noelegy, I am so sorry to hear this.

            I have been exceedingly lucky and have only lost a total of 5 fosters. One was the mother to my very first litter of fosters, and the other 4 were brothers who were taken from their mother at birth, and really never had a chance. Elwood’s the only time we’ve dealt with FIP, but I know that Random Felines and Tails from the Foster Kittens have lost kittens to FIP. It’s a terrible thing, and you have my full sympathy.

            As to whether to keep fostering or not – only you can decide that, but I will point out that there are ways to volunteer and help out shelters without fostering, whether it’s volunteering at the shelter or taking part in adoption events. But with that said – if you feel called to keep fostering as a way to honor Davy, I certainly understand that! I think you should take a moment and give yourself a break before you decide one way or the other.

    • Fred’s got no interesting names for this bunch, just general descriptions (orange with tail, orange and white, no tail, etc).

      Alice heard you opening the fridge and you didn’t offer ham. WHY????

  5. Hi Robyn! I thought you had a video of one of your fosters nursing on a blanket, but I can’t find it. Help?

    • I swear I must have some videos of that, but I can’t for the life of me find them (probably due to bad naming on my part). I did find this one from back in 2005, of then-foster Rambo, nursing on a fleece cat bed, will that work?

      (I’m going to ask in tomorrow’s post if anyone can think of videos I’ve made, because now it’s bugging me!)

      WAIT. I’m seeing a video in my head… let me see if I can find it… Here’s Kneady Hydrox, and KneadingNSlurping with Hydrox and Keebler!

      Are you looking for a specific video, or just the general kittens slurping on blankets? I guess I should have asked that first. 🙂

  6. Here I am in rehab, at 4am, with an internet connection (yay!) with a sleeping roommate and… I can’t NOT play the Alice Mo song!!! First I checked to see if my volume was down low enough that I could still hear it and not loud enough to carry.. and I Played it! And I smiled!
    Still waiting for ALL the other kitties to get their own theme songs.. 😉