10-2-16 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

#Ponyboy has a relaxation.

#TwoBit, #Sodapop, and #Darry think the wall tree is pretty awesome.

#Ponyboy came over and flopped down right next to #Hemlock (perhaps hoping for an ear cleaning), and there was no hissing from anyone!

#BrudderlyLove #thlurrrp #TwoBit #Sodapop

#Hemlock is just a big ol’ flirt – with humans and other kittens alike!

YouTube link
I’d say #Hemlock is pretty much an honorary Greaser now.

“What? Just hangin’ out in my cube, havin’ a think.” #Juniper

#Ponyboy likes to show off his tummy in honor of #TummyTuesday.

“Oh? Did you want to rub mah belleh in honor of #TummyTuesday? Well, okay. Just for a moment, though. I’ve got some crazies to run off, I can’t stay in place for long.” #Juniper

“Here’s da belleh. You know you wanna rub it!” #TummyTuesday #Hemlock

#TwoBit is smugly confident that he has the best belly in the room, and he knows you know it, too.

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Five of the six, in one picture! (Hemlock was busy sitting on my foot.) #Darry at far left, #Juniper near the pile of toys, #Sodapop back there by the turbo track toy, #TwoBit trying to stuff himself in the tiny basket, and #Ponyboy far right on the fancy sofa.

“HellO, laydeez!” #Darry #LadiesMan

#Sodapop is pretty sure he fits perfectly in the little basket. Good thing he doesn’t have a tail!

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Turn up your volume, sir back, and let #Ponyboy (with a special appearance by #TwoBit) #purr you off to sleep.

When his brothers are being too bitey, #Ponyboy retreats to his favorite hidey-hole for some alone time.

#Hemlock likes to keep #Ponyboy clean – not least because once he’s done cleaning he can get to chomping.

YouTube link
#Juniper is VERY committed to tail cleanliness.

#Juniper isn’t pleased that she has to wait her turn at the food bowl.

I assure you, there’s a basket under there…somewhere… #IFitsISits #TwoBit

MAN OVERBOARD! #mayday #SOS #CallTheCoastguard #TwoBit

It’s a #Juniper in a basket. How better to start off your #Caturday? #HousePanther

“Draw me like one of your French girls.” #Hemlock is headed back to #Petsmart (University Drive in Huntsville, AL if you’re interested!) in a bit. Fingers crossed for quick adoptions for him and Juniper! #FancySofa

“Gimme a kiss, kid. I’m outta here!” #Juniper is headed off to #Petsmart (University Drive in Huntsville, AL if you’re interested!) with Hemlock. Fingers crossed for quick adoptions! #HousePanther

The sun is melting #Ponyboy’s brain. #LightsOnNoOneHome

#TwoBit gets a look at #UncleArchie, who isn’t impressed.

#TwoBit worried that he wasn’t quite fancy enough for the #FancySofa, but I assured him that he’s the fanciest and he shouldn’t worry.

“Not sure how much longer I’m going to fit in this basket, lady. I can get my whole back end in, or my whole front end, but not my front AND back ends.” Close enough, I say. #Sodapop

For such a lovebug, #Darry has the GRUMPIEST little face. I assure you, he was purring like crazy when I took this picture. #TheGreasers #Grumpy #RestingBratFace


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  1. I just clicked over the Skinny Pete’s adoption page. The embedded flickr album widget is a great addition to your pages. So nice in one place to see their growth. Again, thanks for the Sunday round-ups.

    • I just hope that Flickr doesn’t change things so that the embedded albums stop showing up. I have to admit that I occasionally stop and scroll through them when I’m editing or adding something to the pages. I need to go back and add them to the earlier foster pages, too!