10-29-19 Tuesday

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You don’t have to put Gabrielle on a pedestal – she’ll put herself up there just fine, thank you.

I don’t know why they love flipping the Tiny Basket upside-down and sitting on it, but they certainly do.

“Are we… not supposed to?” Gabrielle’s worried little face.

Henri loves to hang out on the back of Fred’s chair.

Those built-in shelves are located in a little passageway between the kitchen and computer room (meant to be a dining room, but we use it as a computer room), and until yesterday, no kittens have been interested in the cat bed on that bottom shelf at all. Then mid-morning Beauregard came trotting downstairs with the toy stick of butter in his mouth, dropped it on the floor, and settled in on the bed. (The piece of paper towel had been capture from the kitchen table a bit earlier.) He stayed there for several hours, snoozing the day away.

Fleur, Luc and Josephine. That’s been Alice’s favorite place to sleep lately, so of course the little upstarts had to claim it. (She still gets custody of it at night, though.)

Onyx (Fred’s sister’s cat who we’re cat-sitting) likes to hang out up high on the shelf in the guest bedroom.

How cute is that? Archie surrounded by kittens.

Look at the sweet, interested look on his face as Beauregard jumps for the feather teaser!

And Luc! But is it just me, or is Luc a tad too close to Uncle Archie? (I was not the one holding the feather teaser, by the way, so don’t blame ME.)

Looks like Archie stopped having fun right about the time Luc landed too close to him.


Khal, magnificent Khal.


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