10-16-19 Wednesday

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“Lady! I figured out why the rug doesn’t skid across the floor like it should! It’s got this nonskid stuff on the bottom!” Good detective work, Fleur.

Is that napkin comfy, Henri?

“Is perfectly sized for my butt, lady!”

Bird watchin’.

Margeaux & Katriane taught them well!

Fleur in the sun, with attitude.

Henri seems to have discovered that sunshine is warm.

Josephine has a suspicion that they shouldn’t be on the table (and Henri doesn’t care if they’re supposed to or not. They ARE.)

That smile on Josephine’s face kills me dead.

The kittens are off for their spays and neuters this morning. I expect everything will go perfectly fine, and they’ll be racing around like wild things by tomorrow morning.


Frankie and Jake are tired of each others’ shenanigans, and Kara wonders if an arrest needs to be made.


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