10-3-19 Thursday

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Margeaux’s pleased to remind you that it’s Thlurrrpsday.

Josephine too!

It’s no lovely posed family portrait, but at least we’ve got all 6 kittens on the tree along with Katriane, and we’ve got Margeaux back there apparently trying to decide whether she’s thirsty.

Katriane decided to hang out on the back of the recliner, and I was all “Ooh! I can put Margeaux next to her and we’ll get a real family portrait!” But alas, Margeaux DOES NOT LIKE being up off the floor, and she wasn’t going to sit there for one single moment.

So there you go. All six kittens, Katriane looking off to the side, and Margeaux on the floor. That’s about as good as it’s going to get this time, I guess.

All 6 kittens on the back of the couch in the foster room. Left to right: Fleur, Josephine, Luc, Gabrielle, Beauregard and Henri.

Henri skedaddled and Gabrielle showed off her pretty smile.

Luc, Gabrielle and Josephine.

Beauregard has a snooze.

Katriane has been fascinated by the squirrels who come up on the window sill to eat the sunflower seeds that fall from the window-mounted feeder.

Oh, they drive her CRAZY.


“Excuse you, lady, I’m trying to eat here.”

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