10-28-19 Monday

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A question for y’all: I am currently getting the 2020 calendars done, and this year I ended up making one calendar for the Half Pints litter, one calendar for the Les Chatons litter, and one calendar of Charles & Caroline pictures (yes, that’s a lot of calendars.) I’ll also do a permanent resident calendar, but my question for y’all is this: Is anyone interested in one calendar that encompasses all the fosters we had this year so you don’t have to choose between which litter was your favorite? It would be easy enough for me to do and if anyone wants that, let me know.

Edited: Since there’s definitely interest in an “All fosters” calendar, I’ll put one together! Thanks to those of you who responded!

Note: I’ll start posting links to the calendars in Friday’s post, BUT y’all should be aware that there’ll be calendars in the auction (which starts in LESS THAN two weeks!), so you may want to wait ’til after that. Or not! Whatever works for you.


As mentioned up there, the auction is taking place in LESS THAN two weeks – starts at 9 am (central time) on November 9th, and ends at 5 pm (central time) on November 16th, and you guys. Seriously. I’ve seen the stuff that will be up for bidding at the auction and there is some absolutely FANTASTIC stuff. You won’t want to miss it, no you won’t!


The best thing about this time of year: the kitchen table gets a lot of sun on sunny days, and the kittens (in this case Gabrielle) approve.

Beauregard and Josephine also approve.

They like to sit there and watch the birds at the feeder.

Fleur, keeping an eye on me.

And Gabrielle.

“Tryin’ to sleep here, lady.” Sorry, Beauregard. Carry on!

Onyx (Fred’s sister’s cat who we are cat sitting while she’s in France) takes a sun bath.

She is SUCH a pretty girl.


This spot in the foster room…

Is very tiring!

Luc, waiting for one of his siblings to come along so he can pounce on them.

Beauregard and Henri, hanging out on the foster room couch.


Oh, that Frankie. Isn’t he just the CUTEST?


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