10-1-19 Tuesday

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Luc and Katriane, eyes on the feather teaser.

Katriane considers whether she can make the jump from the cat tree to my shoulder.

Auntie Kat and 4 of the 6 kittens. That’s Gabrielle on the top level, next to Katriane, then Josephine (left) and Luc below them, and then Beauregard below JoJo and Luc.

Katriane watching Beauregard struggling to join her.

Gabrielle and Katriane pose for me.

Henri’s all “What doin’, weird lady?”

1 Auntie Kat and 5 kittens. From the top: Fleur, Gabrielle (left) and Luc, Henri, Katriane and Beauregard. Missing: Josephine and Margeaux.

“I will GET that feather teaser,” thinks Katriane.

Finally. 1 Auntie Kat, 6 kittens (and no Margeaux.)

“I had things to do.”


On this 1st day of October, the weather app on my phone tells me that with the heat index taken into account, it will be 104 degrees Fahrenheit today. Sheriff Mama (Kara) wonders if she can issue a citation to the sun. WE ARE VERY READY FOR FALL WEATHER, THANK YOU.


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