10-1-19 Tuesday

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Luc and Katriane, eyes on the feather teaser.

Katriane considers whether she can make the jump from the cat tree to my shoulder.

Auntie Kat and 4 of the 6 kittens. That’s Gabrielle on the top level, next to Katriane, then Josephine (left) and Luc below them, and then Beauregard below JoJo and Luc.

Katriane watching Beauregard struggling to join her.

Gabrielle and Katriane pose for me.

Henri’s all “What doin’, weird lady?”

1 Auntie Kat and 5 kittens. From the top: Fleur, Gabrielle (left) and Luc, Henri, Katriane and Beauregard. Missing: Josephine and Margeaux.

“I will GET that feather teaser,” thinks Katriane.

Finally. 1 Auntie Kat, 6 kittens (and no Margeaux.)

“I had things to do.”


On this 1st day of October, the weather app on my phone tells me that with the heat index taken into account, it will be 104 degrees Fahrenheit today. Sheriff Mama (Kara) wonders if she can issue a citation to the sun. WE ARE VERY READY FOR FALL WEATHER, THANK YOU.


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10-1-19 Tuesday — 15 Comments

  1. 104 degrees F?? I had to convert that to Celsius, but any way you look at it, it’s crappy gross… It’s 8 degrees Celsius this morning up here in Ottawa, and I’m thinking it may be time to get the furnace ready…

    Lol, it looks to me as though what Katriane is really thinking in the “Katriane considers whether she can make the jump from the cat tree to my shoulder” photo is whether she can successfully take out the serial killer lurking behind you, judging by the look on her face.

  2. Yes, NC is glad to see “Sweatember” gone, but now it’s “Hotober” which isn’t much better at all. Broke a high temp record last weekend, and another is likely later this week. YUK!

    • South Carolina is the same! Broke some records last week too, and may break a couple more this week. 🙁 I want to wear sweaters, dang it!!

  3. Margeaux has such a similar look as Sherriff Mama it makes me wonder if she has a similar disposition. I mean, really, what’s going on with Katriane posing with the little ones and no Margeaux? It would be like my Aunt Lou posing with me and my siblings which is a real cheat to my mom. Would like to see more pics of mom with her offspring (if possible). Maybe she’s just not into them any longer?

    • The kittens tend to see Auntie Kat as The Fun One and Margeaux as The Milk Bar, and so they tend to spend more time playing with Kat. Most of the pics I take of Margeaux and the kittens is of them nursing, even still. She does have a fun side – I’ve seen her play with the kittens a few times – but most of the time she’s in silent observer mode or “Oh! Is it time to eat?” mode. Margeaux is very much not like Sheriff Mama – she’s not nearly nosy enough. I’d say Katriane is more of a Sheriff Mama type, though she’s got more sass than Kara does!

  4. I noticed that in the picture after Katriane was considering jumping from the cat tree to your shoulder, you had backed up quite a bit. Were you afraid she would actually try it? Haha.

  5. It was 91 here in eastern Iowa yesterday, without the heat index! Right now, it’s 83 and feels like 89. I love summer, but this is just wrong. By the end of the week, the high is supposed to be 60, which is about where it should be.

  6. Just really noticing, Auntie Kat’s beautiful green eyes. How about the kittens, green eyes for them too? And just wondering if grey, brown tabbies mostly have green eyes.

    • Right now they seem to all be leaning more toward gold eyes, but it’s hard to tell at this point what they’ll end up being.

  7. That sure is a hot start to October for you. We have a 90 day coming to us tomorrow and after that, it will be back to normal. One of you will get that feather teaser. You look all so cute. Have a fun day.