10-1-18 Monday

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Friday evening, I went over to Petsmart to check on Arundel and Eliot. I knew adoption hours were going on, and figured I’d just pop in, say hi, kiss them both, and be on my way. To my surprise, it turned out someone was filling out an application to adopt BOTH of them – and it was someone I knew!

Lisa, who was a Challenger’s House volunteer/adoption counselor for years, and Ray had shown up with the intention of adopting Eliot, thinking that she was the last of the Mainer kittens left. When they realized Arundel was there also, they decided they couldn’t adopt just ONE – and so Eliot (now Ellie) and Arundel (now Arwen) went home Friday night, joining Batman (who was our foster kitten Paul Simon) and sisters Maggie and Raven. The best part? There’s a Facebook page! – go follow them at Batman and Raven – with Maggie (the title may change, or Lisa may start a whole new page, but for now you can see them there)! So far, things are going great (and Ellie is proving to be just as nosy as described.)



Saturday afternoon Torvill and Oksana, who have been getting a break at Michelle’s house, had a meet and greet, and yesterday afternoon THEY WENT HOME!

I can’t even tell you HOW VERY HAPPY I am to see those awesome sweethearts finally go home – and I have zero doubt that they’ll be loved and spoiled!

(To answer the question y’all might have – yes, Kristi and Katia are still at People Are Okay, Really boot camp, and there’s been incremental progress with Katia. It’ll likely be a long-term process and if there’s any big news I’ll be sure to share it with y’all.)


“I’m not entirely sure how this is your fault, lady…”

“But it IS.”

Baff time for Dynamo.

Gauge loves his mama.


Solenoid waits patiently for the milk bar to open (and the look on Ryder’s face is killing me dead.)

Sometimes the milk bar only has a few customers…

And sometimes it’s quite crowded!

Side eye from Ryder.

Fender loves his mama.

And so does Cam!

A moment of rest.


Khal likes to sit on this shelf in the passage between the computer room and kitchen and keep an eye on me.


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10-1-18 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. The Catpranos!

    I knew there was a little bit more sunshine this weekend. Now I know it was all the happy adoptions coming out of AB!

    Happy hour at the milk bar. (I dunno, but I’ve yet to meet an ornj baby boy who wasn’t a Mama’s boy, human or otherwise.)

  2. Best weekend ever!! SO happy the last Olympiads and Mainers found their forever homes!

  3. What FABULOUS news!!! SO thrilled that Torvill and Oksana’s people finally came for them, and to have Arundel and Eliot adopted on the same weekend was icing on the cake! So happy they went home in pairs with their siblings 🙂 Already saw the two Mainers in their new digs via the FB page and hoping that at the very least you’ll get some occasional update pics of Torvill & Oksana so we can still see them now and again. Thanks also for the update on Kristi & Katia. Still holding out hope that Katia will come around enough so these two will be able to go home together with a great family someday soon.

    Can Charlotte and Wellington’s family(ies?) be far behind?

  4. Great news all around.
    Ryder definitely has the side eye and disapproval face on point. I think her coloring adds to the expressions. Heh.

  5. Yaaaaaay for adoptions! 😀 I am super relieved about Torvill and Oksana, especially. 🙂

    Awwwww, Kristi and a still wary Katia. *pets Kristi!* Katia would probably smack me for trying to pet her, and I like my hand intact.

    Hi, Khal, you magnificently fluffy creature you. I’d also pet you (I’d love to snuggle you, in fact) but you’d probably vamoose at top speed, and freaking out kitties is not on my list of to-dos.