10-2-18 Tuesday

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“Hey! Lady! Sit down, I wanna climb up the back of your shirt!” Clutch is so bossy (and has such sharp little claws.)

“What doin’, lady?” (Gauge)

“Who, meeee? Bite your toes? I’d never!” (Clutch)

Dynamo readies her Slappin’ Paw.

Pulley was playing with that feather when Solenoid came along to chomp on her foot.

“Wahhh! She’s BITING meeeeee!” cried Pulley, and so I picked up Solenoid, kissed her, and put her in the Tiny Basket.

Solenoid sittin’ in the Tiny Basket and lookin’ pouty.

King Clutch.

Fender readies his Slappin’ Paw. Apparently there’s gonna be a lot of slapping going on soon.

Oh, that Clutch.

“Hello, hi! You gonna come play with me?” (Clutch again. What can I say? He’s photogenic and isn’t always go-go-go, so I’m able to get non-blurry shots of him.)

Cruise gives the ol’ side eye.

Cam has a sleepy.

Axle considers climbing into the Tiny Basket.


Not a bad picture of Newt, considering it was taken through the window, eh?


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10-2-18 Tuesday — 5 Comments

    • A wee drop of colored nail polish on the tip o’ the ear allows us all to distinguish who’s who 😀

  1. Newt is so dreamy. Too bad he has zippo time for kittens because oh what a cool uncle he’d make.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning that you’d previously been adding activated charcoal to the Dr Elsey’s Precious Cat litter. I tried that and it has made an absolutely AMAZING difference in odor control – as in no more odor after adding only a teaspoon or two to the box.

    Since I can get Dr Elsey’s delivered bulk in 20-lb buckets by my neighborhood pet store (Urban Tails in Minneapolis), I really don’t want to change litter – the activated charcoal was the perfect solution.