10-3-18 Wednesday

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Solenoid goes for the streeetch.

Pulley’s eyes are slowwwly changing.

Sleepy monkey.

Pile o’ lazy monkeys.

“Axle’s got his legs resting on me, and I DON’T LIKE IT!” declares Solenoid. (You have to look closely to see where those legs came from (Axle, behind her), because they kinda look like they came from Clutch, next to her, only they’re backwards.)

Doesn’t Axle have the most delightful belly?

“COME AT ME, BRO.” Solenoid ain’t skeered o’ you.

Pile o’ cute.


Cam shows off her belly.

Pulley would like you to know that Fender makes an excellent bed.

Can you tell they were having a lazy day?

Cruise shows off her beautiful blues (no, they won’t stay that color – but I wish they would!)


Have we discussed lately what a pretty cat the sheriff (Kara) is? SO pretty!


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10-3-18 Wednesday — 7 Comments

  1. We all appreciate how beautiful Kara is!

    Fender seems kinda teeny smooshed under Pulley! Is he the runt of the litter?

  2. Oh my, what a heaping helping of sleepycute today. They all have gorgeous bellies, but I’m particularly taken with Cam’s.

  3. I LOVE the “whose legs are those” picture… and the stretchy toes make it even better!!!

    These kittens… ridiculously cute!!!