10-9-19 Wednesday

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Oh, that Margeaux. Isn’t she a pretty, pretty girl?

So is Fleur!

I turned on the ceiling fan, and Beauregard found it utterly fascinating.

Henri is the biggest of the litter, and thus Fred’s nickname for him is “Chonks.”

Luc always has his skepticals going full-force.

Six out of six kittens agree that I should hand over that dang feather teaser.

If you’re going to wave a feather teaser around, expect Katriane to get involved.

“Why you over there, weird lady?”

Josephine, another ceiling fan admirer.

Look at Luc, eyeballing that ceiling fan pull. No kitten has ever leapt for it, but I suppose there’s always a first time.

Josephine considered the leap, but ultimately decided to be smart and stay in one piece.


Newt’s favorite place to hang out: on the screened porch, under the steps leading to one of the cat doors. Occasionally, if he’s feeling sassy, he’ll swipe at Alice as she goes up the steps. She doesn’t appreciate his form of play.


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