10-18-19 Friday

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Five out of six kittens! Left to right: Fleur, Henri, smilin’ Gabrielle, Beauregard and Luc. The missing kitten: Josephine, who seems to march to the best of her own drum.

Beauregard has the biggest, roundest eyes.

Henri’s all “Whoa, whoa, whoa, dude. I’ve got this.”

“What ARE you doing, weird lady?” Gabrielle wonders.

Luc: forever skeptical.

Sweet Fleur.

Josephine looks puzzled.

Gabrielle likes to hang out on this little side table. Occasionally she kicks that book off onto the floor. Lucky for her she’s so darn cute.

Fleur captured the feather teaser and would like to see you try to take it away from her.

“Excuse you, lady, we is trying to have a snooze.” (Gabrielle, Luc & Beauregard)


I’m not sure what Dewey did, but Alice Mo is none too pleased with him.


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