10-18-16 Tuesday

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Charleston is slowly warming up to me. He still acts like he’s going to run away when I reach for him, but he doesn’t move quite as fast – and he flops onto his back with only a little coaxing. I’ll make a lovebug out of him yet!

Iva with the attitude. “Watchin’ you, lady. WATCHIN’. YOU.”

Raleigh, also watching me. I must be fascinating!

Chesnee will have you know that this is HER feather, and she ain’t sharin’.

Such an intent little face! (Charleston)

Iva thinks the cat toy made from dog fur is AWESOME. She loves to bunny-kick that thing.

“Madame, I don’t believe I care for your tone.” (Raleigh)

Iva, judging. Always judging.

Raleigh and Charleston, hiding from me under the curvy scratcher, the day after I got them home. They hadn’t yet figured out what it means when I walk into the room with a jar of baby food and a spoon.

Playful babies.

That smile on her little face cracks me UP.

Pouty Raleigh.

There’s a screw in the wall on either side of the doorway so that when we have mother cats and their babies, we can put a small barrier in the doorway that the mother can hop over, but will keep the babies out of the closet (and out of the clumping litter). Chesnee discovered one of the screws, and thought that hanging from the screw while biting it was a good way to pass the time.

Remember how yesterday you were all “Wow, four brown tabbies!” and “Wow, I can’t believe there isn’t one that isn’t a brown tabby!” and “Wow, four is such an even number. You totally need an odd number!” and “When are you going to play ‘Meet yer new partner’? You haven’t played that game in like two months!” Remember that?

Well, Carolina kittens, MEET YER NEW PARTNER!

Say hello to Charlotte.

More about her tomorrow!


Maxi in the side yard (that is the side yard that I JUST raked last week. Note that it desperately needs raking again. Note also that Newt is lurking back there behind the gate, keeping an eye on Maxi.)


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10-18-16 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. Hello pretty Charlotte!

    I see the two boys have more prominent lynx tufts on their ear tips.

  2. Oh, I love Chesnee’s little concerned face!!!
    Well, hello Charlotte! Aren’g you a pretty little thing!

  3. Oh my lord, those faces. and the ear tufts. I wish I could take them all!!! I love tabbies so very much. The names are perfect, being that Charleston, SC is one of my favorite places (and I live in Myrtle Beach). I look forward to seeing these babies grow up. I love them so.

  4. Chesnee is screwy. Let’s just say it.

    I suspect Charlotte will have an inherent the case of the loons, I can see it already.

  5. Miss Charlotte looks a bit sad or scared or something. Evidently she doesn’t know she has hit the Powerball on Kitten Lottery. Sweet little baby!

    Do all brown tabbies have the “judgy” gene? LOL