10-19-16 Wednesday

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Last night, this happened:

Ponyboy and Two-Bit were adopted TOGETHER, and Darry and Sodapop were adopted singly. I’m sure there’s been a case of an entire litter being adopted on the same night before, but I sure don’t recall it happening!

Not only that, but Shooter, the super sweet 9 year old girl who’s been at Petsmart for a while was adopted, too. Yay for awesome adoption nights, great adoption counselors, and wonderful adopters!


So, yesterday I teased you with a picture of Charlotte, the new Carolina kitten.

Isn’t she pretty? Charlotte’s story is that she was spotted in a very overgrown empty lot. Monday morning, Winnie went to see if she could find and trap the kitten. After trying to lure her out and having no luck, Winnie played an audio file of a kitten meowing, and Charlotte ran out.

(Let us take a moment to think terrible thoughts about someone who would dump an 8 week old kitten in an area rife with predators, and then let us be grateful that she was able to survive until Winnie was able to locate and lure her out.)

She’s clearly been around people before. She was friendly right off the bat, and purrs if you so much as look at her. When I got her home I put flea medication on her, and took her in to meet her new partners.

She gave Chesnee the once-over.

Chesnee returned the favor.

Charlotte settled in one of the window beds, and Charleston came callin’.

“I must smell really good!”

“Wanna hold paws?” she asked Chesnee.

Sweet girl. Depending on the light, sometimes her eyes are kind of olive-colored, and sometimes they’re a dark gold.

She was absolutely loaded with fleas. I’ve never used Capstar before, but I decided to give it a try this time. Skip the next picture if you don’t want to see what I saw about 20 minutes after we dosed her with Capstar.

This was just the beginning – I’d say that when all was said and done, we got 100 or more fleas off of her. I combed them off of her as they were dying, and yesterday morning I combed her again and didn’t find any fleas.

So at this point, I’d say that I recommend Capstar – which you can use together with topical flea medication (but disclaimer: check with your vet before you do anything, since I’m not a vet and I’d hate to steer you wrong.)

Charlotte really enjoyed being flea combed!

“Raleigh’s behind me, isn’t he?”

Hanging from the scratcher while Chesnee watches on admiringly.

The brown tabbies find her quite interesting.

They think they want to be friends with her… but they’re not sure!

I think she’s 8 – 9 weeks old; I set her date of birth as 8/23, which makes her a week older than the tabbies. Her fur is short and silky smooth, she loves to be petted and snuggled. Given the amount of fleas she had on her, she must have been outside for a while before she was dumped in the parking lot. She spent the first day she was here sleeping in various spots in the foster room, and finally about mid-morning yesterday she perked up. She tolerated attention from the other kittens at first, but now if they get too much in her space, she growls at them. She and Iva had a hiss-off yesterday, and at this point Iva’s the only one who seems to be holding a grudge. The other three keep trying to make friends.

I suspect they’ll be BFFs before long.


Video! The brown tabby Carolinas getting to know their new partner.

YouTube link


Mama Sheriff is turning into a slacker. The top of the Room with a View, which is next to my desk, is her new favorite place to snooze during the day. I guess she’s decided the back yard can police itself!


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10-19-16 Wednesday — 21 Comments

  1. So much wonderful news and new beginnings: hooray! And a gold star or two for Kara for at last seeing the slacker light.

  2. Oh yay for the adoptions! So happy to read that the babies (including Shooter) were adopted into their new homes!

    Oh Ms. Charlotte, what a little doll you are. It won’t be long before your dweeby little brothers and sisters look up to you for big sister advice and cuddles.

  3. In the video I loved near the end, when Charlotte is at the water bowl, the two kittens watching her. I can almost imagine the conversation, “Should I sniff her butt?” “Yeah, I dare you!”

  4. Wowza on the Capstar. That is incredible. Hamilton had fleas and we did the Advantage behind the neck topical. It worked nicely. I had never heard of Capstar. If we run into the problem again I will try it.
    I love an all gray baby. It looks like she has some stripes. The all grays always look like they are covered in velvet to me. Love the city names. That is fun. Plus, well, we have a Charlotte too.

  5. I wish there were a Mayberry (or at least a Mt. Airy) among the Carolinas. Maybe a Mayberry batch sometime? Andy, Opie, Bea, Otis, Gomer, etc. But the Carolinas are darling, of course, and I am so happy to hear that the previous litter went to their new families.

  6. I thought Charlotte was a previously used name. Also, what is the cool looking thing Mama Sheriff is lying on?

    Yay for all the adoptions!!!

    • It was a previously-used name, but Susan looked and found that the name was previously used in 2001, so it was safe to re-use. She really looks like a Charlotte to me, so I really wanted to use it!

      That thing Kara’s laying on is called a Bindaboo Bindy Bed. I got it from Woot back in February. I apparently got quite a deal on it – I paid $17, and now can’t find it anywhere for less than $50!

      It just occurred to me that maybe you mean the wooden thing she’s laying on – in that case, it’s a Room with a View (see it here at Amazon).

  7. Charlotte is a wonderful kitty name – my first tuxie was named Charlotte and was a sweet lap-sitting purr-purr-purrer! Also – Capstar is fantastic. Harley is really allergic to fleas, so I’ve twice had to use it on her, and it was like magic!

  8. Charlotte’s story is sad. I am glad that she was rescued. What a little love. Capstar is the bomb!!!