10-20-16 Thlurrrrpsday

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Happy Thlurrrpsday, y’all!

Charleston is feeling a little thlurrrpy.

Iva is skeptically thlurrrpy.

Charlotte gets her thlurrrp on.

Chesnee and Iva get some tandem thlurrrping going.

Chesnee’s got an impressive tongue!

Charleston saw the thlurrrping going on and came right over to stick his head under that tongue. This is a move right out of Ponyboy’s playbook – he must have left instructions somewhere in the room!

Some pleased thlurrrping from Charleston.

And more Charleston thlurrrping.

Iva thlurrrping the baby food off the Spoon of Yum.

Iva again. She and Charleston are some thlurrrpy kittens.

I bet if Charlotte really tried, she could clean her ears with that tongue.

Thlurrrpy Charleston again!

Well, at least her nose is clean.

I didn’t manage to get a single picture of Raleigh thlurrrping, so here’s one of him un-thlurrrpy.

I stuffed a pillow in the wall condo because the kittens were spending all their time in it, and Raleigh just doesn’t understand why he can’t get in there!


I know I’ve shared a picture of Newt already this week, but I thought this one went well with today’s theme. THLURRRP!


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    • HAHAHAHA….I just realized that the tablet price is the same. I was just punching into the calculator. At one time, I did get them for $2.21 each. Just watch for sales. They are $11.00 a tablet at my vet.

    • Another comment, just to drive you nuts…. A kitten must weigh 1 lb minimum. If they are under 2 lbs, give just 1/2 capstar.

      If your kitten in under 1 lb, you can wash them in the BLUE Dawn dish soap. NOT THE GREEN!!! Make sure they stay nice and warm while they dry.

  1. I got the “Nobody knowwws” Squashbugs prison banner! That picture is a hall-of-famer! I never get tired of looking at it, hehehe!

  2. These kittens are SO gorgeous!!

    How does miss Charlotte fit into the mix personality-wise? Is she more timid or more sociable than the rest of them?

    • She’s much, much more sociable. The first morning I walked into the room after she joined them, she ran over and threw herself onto the floor at my feet, and rolled around on her back ’til I picked her up. 🙂