10-21-16 Friday

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I thought Charlotte was a previously used name. Also, what is the cool looking thing Mama Sheriff is lying on?

Charlotte was a previously-used name, but Susan looked and found that the name was used in 2001, so it was safe to re-use. She really looks like a Charlotte to me, so I really wanted to use it!

That thing Kara’s laying on is called a Bindaboo Bindy Bed. I got it from Woot back in February. I apparently got quite a deal on it – I paid $17, and now can’t find it anywhere for less than $50!

After I typed all that, I actually went and looked at the picture, and it occurred to me that maybe (probably) you mean the wooden thing she’s laying on – in that case, it’s a Room with a View (see it here at Amazon). Jeffers used to have awesome sales during the month of December, and two years in a row, they offered the Room with a View for half price. I’ve got one next to my desk, and there’s one on the front porch. Both get a lot of use (though the cats usually prefer to sleep on top of it rather than inside. We’ve come to learn that if we see Alice inside the Room with a View, it means she’s not feeling well.)

By the way – if anyone’s interested in buying a Room with a View, the cheapest place I found it (after an admittedly cursory Google search) is at Costway, for $45.95 with free shipping.


Where are the photos and vids of you and your trusty chain saw?!

I honestly didn’t think to take any pictures – of myself, or of the ditch before or after. I had originally intended to finish the ditch this weekend, but apparently at the age of 48 I can’t use a chainsaw for an hour and expect to bounce back immediately. My hand’s been hurting for the better part of the week, so I’m going to wait on ditch clearing.

However, here are some pictures of me with tools from way back when we bought the house. And yes, that chainsaw is the same one I used last weekend.

Upper left: threatening Fred with the nail gun. Right: Working on the pig shelter (by the way, that jacket I’m wearing in that picture was a hand-me-down (hand-me-up?) from my nephew, and it was an AWESOME jacket. I eventually got rid of it because it was too big, and had gotten pretty damaged, but I miss it!)
Lower left: The chainsaw in question. Right: Changing out the outlet in the kitchen (I did all the outlets through the entire house because when we bought the house, all the outlets were a hideous yellowish off-white color that I hated.)


Iva, Charleston and Chesnee, hanging out on the top shelf.

Raleigh, on one of the lower shelves.

Charleston likes to lay in that little basket. Right now, all the kittens fit perfectly. Another couple of weeks, they’ll be hanging over the edge!

Iva appears to be raaaaather pleased with herself.

Chesnee, dead asleep on my lap, with her paws in the air. (Yes, I also posted a picture of this on Instagram – but I took a zillion pictures and just had to share another one!)

Time for our morning dollop of baby food!

“Okay, this stuff is GOOD.”

“You got more for me?”

Checking out the cutie in the mirror.

Iva, out cold.

Things are getting a bit friendlier in the kitten room. Charlotte and the brown tabbies have gone from hissing at each other to sniffing each other. She’s very interested in them, and will follow them around, smacking at their tails. She’s made some attempts at getting them to play, and though I haven’t actually seen them playing together, I’ve seen them playing NEAR each other, so it’s only a matter of time.

Chesnee is SUPER curious about the closet, and every time I open the door to grab the litter scoop, she goes running in there to snoop around. All the kittens checked it out yesterday morning – they’ve gotten friendly enough that I think I can move the litter boxes into the closet without worrying that they’ll stay in there all the time. I’ll probably do that over the weekend (which will give them more room in the foster room itself to race around).

Oh – remember how I mentioned that Charleston was the biggest chicken and I couldn’t pick him up? Well, he’ll still occasionally run from me when I reach for him, but if I go into the room when he’s sleeping or just waking up, he walks around me and whisker-marks me, purring like crazy.

I weighed the kittens yesterday, and right now they weigh from 1 pound 11 ounces (Chesnee) to 2 1/2 pounds (Charlotte). Both the tabby boys are right at 2 pounds, and Iva is a few ounces heavier than her sister. They are definitely putting on weight and getting those round little bellies I love to see.


“Did I hear you’re giving away baby food? Can I get in on that action?” For you, Joe Bob, anything.


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  1. That picture of Chesnee, dead asleep on your lap – how in the world did you stop yourself from snorgling the tar out of that belleh?

    Oh, Joe Bob, if your momma won’t give you baby food, meet me around back and I’ll have a case of it for you!!! <3

  2. Such purty lil’ Carolina babies!!

    And all the 2005 posts this week about little Sugarbutt…miss that sweet boy and Tommy!

  3. Thank you for answering my questions! I was interested in the Bindaboo Bindy Bed. Already knew about the Room with a View. Thanks again for the info!! Have a great day!

  4. I’m going to start having Challenger House benefit from my Amazon orders for the rest of the year. I love what you all do.