The KATG fosters have gone to Petsmart. As usual, I still had a metric ton of pictures that I needed to clear off the memory stick, so here are a bunch.

“Hey you guys! I could use some reinforcements over here!”

Slow dancin’ while Chemda looks on.

Khalili loves that toy more than anything on earth.

“Whyyyyyyyyyyy does life have to be so haaaaaaaaaaard?!”


Khalili’s got the giggles.

Yoga Kitty.

Keith, chillin’.

Snuggly Patrice.

Brolo gets his chomp on.

Patrice wants to snuggle; Brolo wants to fight.

Patrice is such a pretty girl.


2006: “Um. Whatcha do with that squirrel, Momma?” I asked.
2005: If he was a dog, he’d be a bulldog.

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