Sugarbutt seems to be doing just fine. He cracks me up, with his little barrel-chested bowlegged stance. If he was a dog, he’d be a bulldog. He’s little, but he’s solid. Kind of like Tubby was.

I’ve put up so many kitten pictures in the past months that y’all are probably forgetting what our adult cats look like. How about some adult cat pics?

After chomping on a kitten, Mister Boogers licks his lips and reflects upon the fact that they taste startlingly like chicken.

The most indecisive cat in the house – and that’s really saying something. “Do I want to go out, or don’t I? In or out? Out or in?”

Miz Poo and Spanky, hanging out in the yard.

“Heyyyyy, Macarena!”

Miz Poo hides from those kittens. (See the ear of one of those kittens on the left side of the picture)

I put this bed on the floor to clear space on my desk for it, and within 60 seconds, Miz Poo had climbed in, curled up, and gone to sleep.

Miz Poo really likes this bed, can you tell?

Kittens, snoozing under my desk.

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