10-8-19 Tuesday

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The milk bar is CLOSED (for now.) Her little back feet out to the side make me want to squoosh her.

Keeping an eye out for Earl the Skwerl.

From the outside looking in. Margeaux’s FACE. (I’m standing outside the window taking the picture, if you can’t tell. Probably be a better picture if the window was clean, but let’s not get crazy here.)

Enjoying some sun.

Fleur wasn’t up for fighting that hoodie to the floor, so she jumped up in the chair and snuggled with it that way. (And how on earth are these kittens big enough to jump up into chairs? Weren’t they just born, like, yesterday?)

5 of the 6 (I suspect the milk bar was there at some point and then wandered away once they fell asleep.) Left to right: Josephine, Gabrielle, Henri, Fleur, Luc.

The 6th, Beauregard, making himself comfy on the heated doll bed.

All 6, all with attitude.

JoJo’s having a snuggle with Auntie Kat.

“Excuse you, lady, we is having a private kitten meeting!” Gabrielle has started occasionally chattering at me even when I don’t have the feather teaser. I need to get video of her doing it, but I never know when she’s going to!

Sleepy little muffins.


Khal, magnificent Khal.


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