10-7-19 Monday

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“You gots a feather teaser, lady?” Gabrielle wonders.

Beauregard’s keeping an eye on me, just in case.

Yep, still nursing occasionally. Yesterday she was watching a squirrel out the window, and Henri stomped up to her and tried to nurse while she was standing there. So RUDE. Here we have, left to right: Henri, Josephine, Luc and Beauregard.

From the other side.

Keeping an eye out for those darn birds.

And havin’ a nap.

I went out to grab the mail and looked at the window to see Katriane and Josephine watching me, so had to take a picture. Katriane looks very disapproving!

All fosters present and accounted for! Margeaux, naturally, pretends she doesn’t know I’m trying to get her to look at me.

Another shot of all of them, with Margeaux having moved to the doorway. Hmph, Margeaux.


Frankie wonders where his summer has gone. (We’re supposed to have a high today of 69ºF! No complaints from me!)


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