10-10-19 Thursday

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Guess who are 3 months old today?!

3 months old today, 13 weeks old yesterday. They’re all growed up! (Not really.) They’re going for their spay/neuter surgeries next Wednesday. None of them have adoptions pending, so I need to step up my game and get their silly little faces out there in hopes that their people wander along the internet, see them, and fall in love. Here’s hoping!

Here’s what a full milk bar looked like 3 months ago…

And here’s what it looks like now.

Yep, that’s Margeaux buried under all 6 kittens and Katriane with not a care in the world. They’re still nursing whenever possible – to be honest, the only mama cat I’ve ever had who actually weaned her kittens before they were separated is Katriane. The rest of them let those kittens nurse forever.

The kittens and Katriane heard that there’s a feather teaser.

Not the greatest picture, but the tilted heads on Katriane and Gabrielle (next to her) are killing me.

Beauregard huntin’ skwerls with Auntie Kat, while Margeaux looks on from the box she’s time-sharing with Newt.

Beauregard’s confused little face. “Where’d it goooo?”

Yep. They’re trying to nurse.

6 little kittens! (And Katriane on the couch.)

We have a possum who lives under our porch. Sometimes he comes out in the day to forage for acorns and bugs. Katriane caught sight of him, and you could almost see the cartoon question mark over her head. (Yes, possums will come out during the daytime. No, he’s not rabid or sick. No, the cats don’t bother him nor does he bother them. They saw a million possums at Crooked Acres; possums and raccoons aren’t new to them.)

Katriane’s asleep on the job.


The Sheriff doesn’t care about any dang possum. She’s too busy dealing with the chipmunks.


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