10-10-17 Tuesday

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Way back in 2010, we had a litter of kittens we named after characters from Steel Magnolias. They were only with us for a few days before they went off to Petsmart. Exactly a year later Drum and Clairee were returned due to (I think) a move, and they were also with us for just a few days before they went to Petsmart. They were adopted together again (yay!), and unfortunately a few years later Clairee passed away unexpectedly. After mourning her for about a year, it was decided that Drum needed a companion, and Juniper, one of the Evergreens kittens, joined him (she’s now Branwen.)

This was Drum back in 2011:

This was Juniper just over a year ago, in September 2016:

And here they are now, together!

Greetings from Drum and Branwen (Juniper) –

We are doing well and really enjoy relaxing in the patio room.

Of course, Drum can relax just about anywhere…

Brannie shows the ears of annoyance because Mom has the audacity to think a white feather can p-o-s-s-i-b-l-y replace her red hat! She is not down with this at all…

We adopted Branwen last year on Oct. 8 and it has been a very happy year in our household. Drum and Branwen get along fairly well. They have their occasional outs when someone gets a toy that the other one wants, etc. But over all they are both doing well in spirit as well as body.

Drum is the largest cat we have ever had and Branwen is the smallest cat we have ever had. Seeing them together being pals has been a joy!

I LOVE that two of my fosters from years apart are now brother and sister, and (mostly) getting along. Like brothers and sisters do!

Thank you so much for the update, Tamra!!!


I just love Telstar’s beautiful, bold stripes.

Hubble and the Open Mouth of Outrage, courtesy of… Stardust, I think.

Telstar again, all “What doin’, weird lady?”

Stardust in the sun, bein’ gorgeous.

And Stardust tusslin’ with Aurora.

Uh oh, we’ve got a kitten in the tree. Someone call Canopy Cat Rescue!

Hubble from behind. Such a cutie pie.

All five kittens in one picture! Left to right: Stardust, Phoenix, Hubble, Aurora (front), and Telstar.

“Innernets, that lady trimmed my claws and messed up my pawdicure and I am displeased with this.”

“She trimmed mine, too. NO FAIR. (Also, please admire my armpit.)”

Phoenix the little poser.

The kittens and Mercury got their first shots yesterday. When it was time to leave the house, I put Mercury in a carrier by herself, and then put all 5 kittens in a separate carrier. The kittens, who haven’t left the house even once since they were born (despite my best intentions), were completely silent the entire drive, there and back. I think they’re still trying to process the idea that there’s a world outside that room (other than the room where they met the terrifying Stefan, that is.) Mercury meowed once or twice during the drive, but was pretty chill the entire time. It went well, is what I’m saying – which is pretty much what I expected!


I don’t know who the sheriff (Kara) is glaring at, but I’m glad it’s not ME.

(In case you missed it, yesterday marked 9 years since Kara went to Petsmart. In my memory, she came back almost immediately, but in actuality it was nearly two weeks later that we brought her home.)


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10-10-17 Tuesday — 16 Comments

  1. we saw the “Kara went to Petsmart” headline yesterday and mom laughed and laughed (and of course today from 2005 – you are going to miss Sugarbutt when he went to Petsmart…snicker)

    we LOVE updates!! Yay for Drum and Branwen.

    • Ha – I know! Apparently this is a happenin’ time of year – it’s also the time of year “the little black Mama kitty” (aka Maxi) showed up “with a friend” (aka Newt)!

  2. Yay for updates, pawdicures and armpits!!!

    And don’t you just love Canopy Cat Rescue? Those guys are angels in climbing harnesses!

  3. Love the update on Drum and Juniper/Branwen (Clairee, aww 🙁 ) I remember Drum when I came to visit the kitties at Petsmart in my wheelchair after I broke my ankle. He snuggled inside my jacket and I almost smuggled him out of the store and took him home!

  4. Loved the update!

    Time is flying…literally. Can’t believe it’s been NINE years ago that you adopted Kara. She has a happy home there, even if she is the meanest sheriff in your county! 🙂

  5. Uh oh, Phoenix seems mighty annoyed at you, lady. The sass on the little monkey…

    (The picture of all 5 of them on the blanket.)