10-11-17 Wednesday

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Mercury’s Missions are 9 weeks old today! Unfortunately, due to the gloomy weather yesterday, my pictures of them didn’t come out very well, so there’ll be no progression pictures today. They honestly haven’t changed much since last week. Also, I’ll be on vacation next week* so either I’ll do progression pictures for their 11th week, or wait ’til 12. Like I said, they’re not changing a lot at this age – not as much as they did in their first 6 weeks – so I don’t think we’re missing much.

*Hush up, I get to have the occasional vacation! Fred will be caring for Mercury and the Missions while I’m gone next week. Someone always asks who’ll take care of the fosters while I’m gone, like I’m going to toss ’em in the back yard and hope they’re still around when I get back. (Hmmm…)

I had this piller (or pill gun, if you prefer) in my pocket, and left it by the door so I’d remember to bring it with me when I left the room. Hubble RACED over to check it out.

Hubble measures it to see if it’ll fit through the door.
“You’re CRAZY!” says Telstar. “That’s WAY too big. It’ll never fit!”

Hubble figured Telstar was right, and decided he’d just bat it around the room.

Hubble in the sun.

Stardust crosses her paws properly, like a little LAYDEE.

Aurora’s eyes look so blue here!

Telstar also has his paws crossed because he has MANNERS, just like his sister.

“HMPH. Who wants to be a LAYDEE? Not me!”



Now, there was something I was going to tell y’all, and I can’t quite remember what it was… It’s on the tip of my tongue. What was it, oh what WAS it?!

Oh, right.

Someone’s been adopted and will go home after the fixin’ is done in a few weeks.

That someone…

Is Phoenix!


No details ’til she’s gone home, though. You know I don’t wanna jinx it!

Also, if you have an eye on one (or more!) of the Missions, or on mama Mercury herself, now’s the time to step up. I’d love it if they all went home straight from here! If you’re interested, you can drop an email to Forgotten Felines at info (at) ffhsv.org. If you have any questions about any of them (personality, etc), feel free to drop me an email at mizrobyn (at) gmail.com


For some reason, the catnip I planted in a big pot this summer is always flat.

I can’t imagine why that is.

“Me either, lady. Is a mystery!”

No wonder Joe Bob always looks like he’s hiiigh.


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10-11-17 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. Yay Phoenix!! I hope this is the start of a trend. But I really want Belle and Moana/Mrs. Potts to be adopted before this bunch gets to Petsmart. 🙁

    And if you’re coming this way for vacay, hopefully some of the dang humidity will have gone away by then. It’s just been nasty this week – not Fallish at all.

  2. Yay for Phoenix! Lucky family…

    My neighbour’s kitty Minou does the same thing with the catnip bush in the garden. She is not, uh, let’s just say an approachable girl (lures you with the purrs and leg rubs, then turns nasty on a dime, lol), but lying in the ‘nip patch certainly does mellow her out!

  3. Hugs to you too Rickles and a boop for your nose.

    YAY Phoenix and to the new family too!!

    My Merry always crosses his front legs, cracks me up. Last night he walked up to me, plopped down right on my chest and crossed his legs and started to purr to beat the band. It was the cutest!

  4. Congratulations to Phoenix’s family — and yes, it would be great to see the Missions adopted straight from Crooked Acres, which I believe Joe Bob calls Stoner Central.

  5. Okay, based on today’s pictures, it looks like Stardust is more brown than Aurora. Is that true, or maybe just the light? Always trying to figure out how to tell the two of them apart (other than the nail polish on the ears).

  6. Lucky for Phoenix I am not her adopter, because she would so be called Miss Kiss and Kiss, Kiss as a nickname. She would be scarred for life.

  7. My catnip plants tended to get loved so much they disappeared! An inverted wire basket (with holes too small for adult paws) fastened to the pot protected the plant’s roots and base but still let leaves grow to be accessible for harvesting by the cats. It works great. The basket was a rounded-bottom planter intended to be lined with moss, but a cruise through the thrift store’s wire/metal aisle should turn something up, or a couple layers of chicken wire maybe.

    These kittens are my first blog most days as I wake and caffeinate. Thanks, Robyn! And great news about Phoenix. <3

  8. Heeeeyyyy! 2005 is about Maxi and Newt!!! And look at them now. Now I’m looking forward to re-reading their How-We-Became-Permanent-Residents stories in the next few days.

  9. So glad to hear that Phoenix has found her forever family. Sending good vibes that the others follow soon. They are all so cute, but I would have to say that it is Telstar that tugs at my heart the most. Jessie has pretty much resigned herself to Andre and Bella not leaving, but I don’t think she would appreciate a third intruder. Lyric is back home now and Bill reported that Andre and Bella appeared to miss her after we left. I know I missed them while I was gone. I am back home now to stay (until the first part of November). I think Bill likes it when I am gone as he gets all the kitty kisses to himself!