10-9-17 Monday

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“Lady, why you is so weird?” That tilted head is killing me.

Stardust, hangin’ out.

“No seriously, lady. You WEIRD.”

Hubble, Telstar, and Stardust (I think), hanging out in the scratcher bowl.

Aurora’s keeping an eye on me.

Apparently I need a lot of snoopervision today.

That toy – a catnip-stuffed baguette toy, which I got in (I think) a KitNipBox years ago, is a favorite of the kittens. In fact, here’s Ralph from way back in 2014, carrying it around.

It’s held up really well, considering how much the kittens love it!

Such a pretty Stardust.

Snack time at the milk bar buffet.

Another shot of Stardust. She’s turning into quite the little poser!

I weighed the kittens on Saturday – you can see the weight chart at the bottom of their page, here, and they’re now all over 2 pounds. Telstar stole Aurora’s biggest-kitten title and now outweighs her by 3 ounces. Aurora and Hubble are tied for second place, and Phoenix is right behind them. Stardust remains the peanut at 2 pounds, 1 ounce.

They’re going for their first vaccinations today – which I’m sure they’ll love – and they’re scheduled for their spays and neuters on October 31st (Mercury AND all the kittens).



Videos! In the first are a couple of instances of Stardust doing the cutest little HOP! I guess Phoenix isn’t the only one who likes to HOP! before getting up to shenanigans.

YouTube link

And in the second first Telstar and then Mercury find it vitally important to keep Hubble clean. Either he’s a dirty boy, or he is tasty. Your guess is as good as mine!

YouTube link


Maxi, unimpressed.


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10-9-17 Monday — 7 Comments

  1. Love the picture of Ralph – but “from way back in 2017”? Maybe 2014…
    I can’t believe Mercury’s Missions have grown so quickly! Last week’s post with Stephan was a hoot!

    • I actually have Prank on my list, with the litter name suggestion of Shenanigans. Great minds think alike. 😉

  2. 2008 – Kara goes to Petsmart. I know how it turns out, but I still got a little teary eyed. I love that sweet face of hers.

  3. So many of the kittens think you are weird! I wonder what is their basis of comparison?? 😉