10-14-19 Monday

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In case you somehow missed it, Margeaux and Katriane headed home Friday. I drove them from here to Louisville, Kentucky, which took about 5 hours. They spent the night there with their new Mom, Mary, and then headed the rest of the way home to Rochester, New York Saturday. (Mary and her friend flew from Rochester to Louisville and then rented a minivan to drive home.)

The girls were absolute angels during the drive, occasionally howling to let me know that they objected to being in a cage, in a car, but mostly they looked around and slept.

Here are the last of the pictures I got while they were here – AND you can follow them on Instagram now! They’re at Keeping Tabbies, and you don’t have to have an Instagram account to see the pictures – just click on the link. Margeaux is now Elfie, and Katriane is Neko. I love those names!

Katriane was sound asleep like that. I don’t know how that could possibly have been comfy, but when I tried to move her head, she wasn’t having it.

Later she moved to a more comfortable (I guess) position.


“Youuuuu waaaaaant to giiiiive us treeeeeats.”

“Youuuuu waaaaaant to giiiiive us treeeeeats.”

(Yes, they got treats.)

I fed them very lightly Friday morning (I didn’t want them to get carsick), and if I’d known that feeding them lightly would result in them sitting and looking at the camera, I would have done it ages ago.

Watching birds.

Fleur apparently spotted the milk bar.

I think Archie actually knocked that dish towel down, but Katriane was happy to kick it into submission.

Yup. They nursed right up to the moment we left.

They took turns hanging out in the litter box. Neither of them actually used the litter box during the drive, though.

Yes, apparently Katriane slipped one leg out of the harness before we even left the house, and not only did I not notice then, I didn’t realize it until I got home 12 hours later and saw comments on the picture I’d posted.


Alice Mo
The calico
Ain’t gonna miss those mamas,

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