10-9-18 Tuesday

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Cam and the teeny tongue.

Gauge (left) and Pulley, keeping an eye on me (and Cam in the middle, keeping an eye on that toy.)

Solenoid in the Tiny Basket.

Cruise and Fender check out the new track toy (the ball lights up! Which they don’t care about, but I think is neat.)

Please look closely and admire Cruise’s teeny tongue.

And also admire Dynamo’s peachy-pink accents.

Solenoid and Gauge from above.

Cam admires herself (please note Axle in the mirror, coming over to see what’s going on.)

Solenoid, trying to sneak up on her reflection, and Axle’s all “What is she…?”

Fender’s big round eyes and big round head are just the cutest.

Gauge, appalled.

Tiny Pulley in the Tiny Basket.

Axle has a skeptical.

Gauge is all “Huh? Oh, nothin’. Just hanging out with my sister!” while Dynamo is all “Halp…?”


Just a reminder that Forgotten Felines will be having an online auction in November. The Facebook page is up and running, and you can go check it out and like & follow it right here.

If you have anything you’d like to donate – hand crafted items, jewelry, cat-related stuff – please message the page and let us know, and we’ll give you instructions on how to get the item or items to us. There’s already some neat stuff lined up for the auction, so you’re gonna want to be there!


Dewey is too busy watching chipmunks to look at the camera, please come back some other day.


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  1. Hope you’re not in the path of Hurricane Michael! 🙁

    Pulley continues to slay me. They all do, to be honest…