10-8-18 Monday

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I mentioned last week that Forgotten Felines will be having an online auction in November. Well, the Facebook page is up and running, and you can go check it out and like & follow it right here.

If you have anything you’d like to donate – Hand crafted items, jewelry, cat-related stuff – please message the page and let us know, and we’ll give you instructions on how to get the item or items to us. There’s already some neat stuff lined up for the auction, so you’re gonna want to be there!


Stretchin’ Solenoid.

Paws up, y’all!

Pulley and her gorgeous eyes.

Oh dear, someone call the fire department, Cam is stuck in a tree!

I bought this bed at TJ Maxx last week, and to my relief the kittens love it!

I love it when the kittens discover the mirrors. Here’s Pulley admiring her adorable self.

Dynamo checking her whiskers to make sure they’re straight.

Dynamo and Cruise have a cuddle.

“Don’t look, Ethel!”

Pulley’s all “Come at me, bro!”

I took the bowl scratcher into the kitten room, and it’s been occupied ever since. (Solenoid & Clutch)

Pulley chewing on a spring. Best toy ever!

Ryder and the kittens are doing just fine. The kittens are all eating on their own now – they pretty much all belly up to the plate when I bring their canned food in – but are also comfort nursing as often as possible. Ryder lets them nurse, but will get up after a few minutes and walk off. Despite the fact that she has a counter she can jump up onto to get away from them, she rarely goes up there. I’m seeing signs that she’s kind of over this whole mothering thing (with 9 kittens, there’s always SOMEONE in her face and a girl only has so much patience to go around), she’s been occasionally growling and smacking at them. I put her in Fred’s office on Saturday to see how she’d do, and she was fine for a little while and then howwwwled. I tried her again Sunday and she was okay for a while longer before she started howling. I’m going to try to increase her time a little each day and see how she does. She may do better during the week with Fred in there working, but if she starts howling while he’s working, I’ll move her back into the foster room.

(This would be a whole lot easier if I had two foster rooms. I’m just sayin’.)


Archie doesn’t know what “Monday” is, but he knows he hates it!


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10-8-18 Monday — 8 Comments

  1. Archie looks a bit shocked at something, probably looking over at the catnip and watching someone indulge.

    Man, Pulley and Dynamo would make excellent fluffy whipped cream toppings for my Thanksgiving dinner desserts today (it’s Thanksgiving in Canada)…just sayin’.

  2. Always such a light-hearted pleasure to see the foster kittens (much needed in these times)! Love the age they are now, always something cute going on!

    That Archie has turned into quite the handsome man-cat! I recall how he looked when he showed up at Crooked Acres, and he’s truly filled out, become a gorgeous cat.

  3. Hee hee, “Don’t look Ethel” … but it was too late.
    I’ll be singing this all day.

    These are going to be some good looking cats when they finish growing.

  4. I have a complaint… Khal Drogo is not listed on the compatibility chart! He doesn’t get along with anyone??!! How can that be????

    • Because it hasn’t been updated for at least a year – four of the cats included on it are no longer with us. I’ll update it one of these days. 🙂

      • ….you have to leave those four on there….just saying. The list can grow….but it cannot shrink. An * can be placed by their names… but that is all. (heart stab)