10-29-18 Monday

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Innernets, would you please give a warm welcome to LoJack?

I am guesstimating him to be about 9 weeks old. His story is that he showed up in someone’s outside dryer vent, and when they tried to get him, he got scared and ran up into their car. They lured him out with a hot dog (boy after my own heart) and waited to see if a mother or siblings showed up. None did, and so he came to me.

He eats very well, he understands the litter box just fine, and he might be the most playful kitten I’ve ever seen in my life.

We’ve had him since Wednesday evening. He spent the first night in the bathroom, then made it clear that he doesn’t like to be alone (he has very strong lungs). So he’s been spending his days in Fred’s office and his nights in my bedroom with me. The first night was a bit rough – I don’t think I slept for more than an hour at a time, and at 2:30 am he was up for some vigorous bitey playtime.

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“It’s 2:30. In the morning. Are we sleepy yet?”

The second night went a bit better, and by Saturday night he would go off and play by himself, then come back to the bed to snuggle up and sleep. (Seriously, I fell asleep at 10 and woke up at 1:30 find him flopped out on his back with his head resting on my arm.)

This cradle has been sitting in Fred’s office waiting for me to put it away, and LoJack discovered it. And then I died from the cute.


“Chill out, lady. I know I’m CUTE.”

Climbed up onto the dirty laundry to sleep. SERIOUSLY.

So I named him LoJack because he will be joining Ryder’s Fleet. We started the introductions on Saturday (in an ideal world we’d have kept him segregated for 3 weeks and then started a slow introduction, but this boy needed friends pronto. I did get him dewormed before I started introductions, at least). I’ve got pictures to share of the first introduction for tomorrow’s post, but I can tell you that there’s been very little drama and no Floof Suits from the Fleet.

He is a very confident little kitten, and is prone to stomping his way into new situations – he reminds us both a LOT of Stompers, not in looks but in attitude.


Solenoid, up close.

“What, weird lady? WHAT?” (Cam)

“Lady, why you always pointing that camera at me?” Because you’re so CUTE, Dynamo!

Basket full o’ cute. (Clutch, Cruise & Dynamo)

“Tell them to make room for me, lady.”

Snuggly Dynamo and Pulley.

That is one FULL basket. We have Fender, Axle, Dynamo, Cruise and Solenoid. Half the kitten population now!

Same basket, different time. Same number of kittens, different configuration – Clutch, Axle, Gauge, Dynamo and Pulley.

Cam and Gauge in the sun. They are SO pretty, aren’t they?


There must be some law about the kitchen island needing to be occupied by one brown tabby at all times. If Kara’s not there, Dewey is – and vice versa!


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10-29-18 Monday — 28 Comments

  1. Well hello there little LoJack, or should I say Mini-Archie. What a little doll you are!

    I think he’ll fit in nicely with the other little babies just fine.

  2. Soooo much cute in this post. Welcome Lo-Jack. It looks like you hit the jackpot: siblings and a wonderful future.

  3. Eeeeee! As if this fleet weren’t cute enough! Bless the people who rescued sweet little snuggly playful! LoJack, seriously. The image of him flopped out asleep with his head resting on your arm–awwwww! *melts* And yes, I was absolutely thinking he sounded very like Stompers, even before you said something! ๐Ÿ™‚ What color(s) is the newbie, if not an orangie?

    On a related subject, what color(s) is Ryder? Have I been reading hints correctly that she’s a tortie?

    • He’s gray tabby and white and at this moment, his eyes are the same color as his gray fur. He is seriously adorable! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And yes, Ryder is a tortie with a very floofy tail!

      • SQWEEEE! Twice! Once for adorable greyby LoJack, and once for Ryder the floofy tortie! Aha, what a fluffy tail you have, squirreltail kitty. The better to very gently play with the end of, and to be swished with. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if LoJack’s eyes will stay grey?

  4. Welcome, handsome Lo Jack! So pleased he has a ready made cohort to play with the next several weeks, and a feline foster mama as well as you, Robyn. But whatever is Fred going to do without an office buddy?

  5. LoJack is soooo cute. So cute it hurts! And I am glad I am not the only one with cats on the island….give the newbie a cuddle for me (and the rest so they donโ€™t get left out)

  6. Could this litter be any cuter? The answer is YES with the addition of Lojack! So awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Wow!! Lucky, playdul, confident little LoJack โค

    And the rest of those bright-eyed babies… just can’t get enough!!

  8. “and he might be the most playful kitten Iโ€™ve ever seen in my life.” Given your history with the multitudes of fosters, this is a STATEMENT. And he’s a cutiepie!!! Can’t wait to see him playing with his new siblings!!!

  9. Oh my gosh, what a cutie. Whoever ends up aspiring him is gonna be lucky. (But of course that’s true of every foster.)

  10. I too, have a new “kitten” ….. and a bazillion questions. Maybe you or your readers could help provide insight?

    He is almost 6 months old now. All he wants to do is play play play play play omg he makes me tired! Any tips for getting his energy out without him attacking my legs? He is the only kitty in the apartment. I will play noodle for 15 minutes till he gets bored with that, then throw around a rattly ball or crinkly kong kicker thinger… but still, as soon as i get up, he is attacking my legs. He is going to be a big cat… this needs to stop before he gets bigger.

    Also, when he is not playing, all he wants to do is eat eat eat eat eat. I hear that as a kitten it is ok to just feed them non-stop until they are not hungry? He eats… so much.. 3oz wet foods 3x/day + 1/3rd cup of kitten kibbles in a treat ball (that makes him an INSANE killer cat – he will swipe!).

    And how do you get the kitties on board with nap time? My kitty is not a snuggler, which makes me super sad… but I won’t force it.

    Also, because he wants to PLAY and to EAT in the morning, he scratches up the carpet outside my door to get my attention (i try not to reward that behavior with acknowledgment) — any tips on how to get him to not do that? If we leave the door open, he comes in the room and knocks things over and chews on anything plastic he can find that is noisy.

    • I kind of hate to say this, because I know it’s not a possibility for everyone’s situation, but I would HIGHLY recommend getting that boy a kitten to play with. It would help with tiring him out, and he’d have someone other than your legs to attack! I do have other suggestions that answers this assuming that a second kitten isn’t a situation that works for you (even though, truthfully, I think that’s what he needs), but I will save it for Friday’s post!

      Before then, just in case you check back – how long have you had him?

      • I VERY MUCH wish I could!! :-\ We cannot get a second kitty at this time, legally. Hooray, renting.

        We have only had him 3 weeks (Adopt date – 10-09-2018 evening).

  11. Iโ€™ve been waiting to see when youโ€™d post about him! Glad heโ€™s doing so well! Thank you for taking him! Heโ€™s seriously the cutest kitten. My husband considered sending me back to get him lol!!! I look for more kittens every morning, but so far no more have shown up.