10-30-18 Meet Yer New Partner! Tuesday

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On Saturday, we took LoJack into the foster room to meet his new friends.

“There’s water in here!” he said.
::sniff::sniff::sniff::sniff:: said Axle.

He hugged Dynamo (I’m not sure she realized it was him – but I’m equally not sure whether she’d have cared if she did know.)

“Coming through!” said Axle.
::smooch:: said LoJack.

LoJack and Solenoid, touching noses.

Fender got sniffy.

LoJack checked out the bowl scratcher and Ryder gave LoJack the ol’ snifferoo.
“Hi! Are you my new mama?” asked LoJack.

“NO!!!!!!!” said Ryder with a million exclamation points in her voice, and then she stomped off.

“Oh well,” shrugged LoJack. “Hey, this track toy is neat!”

LoJack patted Solenoid on the face.

“Hey, look how cool I am, playing with this track toy!” LoJack said to Pulley.

Axle approached LoJack and LoJack went ever so slightly hump-backed.

“You watch that paw, Mister, ’cause I ain’t skeered o’ you!”

Wrasslin’ with Gauge (LoJack started this, by the way.)

“Did I mention I ain’t skeered o’ you?”

Following Axle around.

Checking out the stuffed bear.

So Saturday we gave him supervised visitation with the kittens and Ryder, and it went pretty well. There were no Floof Suits (darn it!), and while there was some hissing from a few of the kittens (and a lot of hissing from Ryder), it went really well. When I put him back into Fred’s office after the initial introduction, I put Fender in with him and let them hang out for a while. Then I went upstairs every once in a while to check on them, and then I let Fender back into the rest of the upstairs and a couple of other kittens in to hang out with LoJack. It went pretty well, the other kittens liked having the opportunity to explore Fred’s office, and they were also willing to play with LoJack.

Sunday I put him in with Ryder and the kittens for a couple of unsupervised hours, checking on them often, and it went pretty well. The orange boys, Dynamo, and Pulley have all pretty much accepted him into their ranks. The tuxie girls are a little more wary of him, and poor Solenoid doesn’t know WHAT on earth is going on. She’s been hissing at her own siblings, but has been okay with LoJack. It’ll probably take a bit longer for her to get used to him.

I’m not planning to leave him in the room with them overnight any time soon. Ryder has only been hissing at him and slapping at him if he gets too close. I don’t believe she’d attack him, she just doesn’t want him near her. She’s been hissing at her own kittens since before LoJack joined them. I would imagine that this is probably the longest she’s had her kittens with her (especially in a confined space at night). Assuming that all her previous litters were born outside, by this age she would have had them weaned, maybe they’d have started wandering off, and she most likely would already be pregnant again.

(Oh, give me a minute to feel sad for all those previous kittens. I can’t imagine her Fleet, at their age, having to fend for themselves. I’m so glad this is her last litter!)


Video! This was all taken yesterday (Monday), the first full day LoJack spent with his foster siblings. As you’ll see, the boy’s got some ninja moves.

YouTube link


“I cannot even with you, lady. Like we needed ANOTHER kitten in this house? ANOTHER ONE? Harrumph.” (Frankie)


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10-30-18 Meet Yer New Partner! Tuesday — 10 Comments

  1. That video is hilarious! What a little scamp! I didn’t realize he’d be so much smaller than the others. He’s definitely not scared. What a character!

  2. poor Solenoid – she is probably just ticked off that her siblings like the new guy. 🙂 So when does Ryder head off for surgery and a space at the store? She will probably think it is a vacation.

  3. What a cute boy! I love that picture of him hugging Dynamo! And yes – I feel bad for all of Ryder’s previous kittens, out in the wild so young….