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I know y’all KNOW Mercury and her Missions, but let’s have a more comprehensive description of each of them, shall we?


Job description: The mama, the milk bar, the playmate and the disciplinarian. Not necessarily in that order.

Where’d she come from? She was one in a group of outside cats who were being fed by a family. The family (who were renting) moved, and the landlord said the cats had to go. Mercury was at Teresa’s for about a week before she came here. She was huge when Teresa got her and we expected her to have kittens at any moment, but after a week she hadn’t had them, so we decided it made sense to get her moved here before she did. Two days after she got here, she had them. In the middle of the night, while I was sound asleep. Grrrr, Mercury!

Physical description: Brown tabby and white.

Notable Physical Feature: Her big green eyes, the patch of spots on her belly, the tabby patch on her left arm, and the little tabby freckle to the left side of her nose. She’s got gorgeous green/gold eyes and soft, silky fur.

Charming Personality Quirk: She always looks suspicious of my intentions (even while she’s purring up a storm), and she is one PLAYFUL girl. She might be a mama – and a wonderful one – but if you wave a feather teaser over her head or toss a toy, she’s RIGHT there grabbing for it. She’ll grab any passing kitten and wrestle with them until the kitten squeals. You’ll see her chasing a kitten in one direction, and then a minute later she’s being chased by the same kitten. It’s hilarious and adorable.

Favorite food: She’s not a picky girl – she’s currently on grain-free kibble, but has pretty much always eaten any food I’ve put in front of her. She appears to prefer shredded type canned food to pate, but like I said: not picky. She enjoys her nightly snack of Friskies Party Mix, and goes crazy-eyed nutso for freeze-dried minnows.

Favorite toys: The feather teaser, any toy that has feathers on it, or anything made from animal fur. She’s particularly enthralled with a toy made from dog fur, which I’ll send home with her.

Favorite game: Holding down whichever kitten is in reach and making him or her squeal.

Overall description: Mercury is a sweet, friendly, lovable girl who likes to snuggle, loves to be petted, and adores a good chin scratching. She’s still young (around 1 1/2) and has lots of playful, kittenish energy. She plays like crazy with her kittens, chasing them back and forth and grabbing them to wrestle with. She loves to sharpen her claws on the vertical scratching post, but is also very good about having her claws trimmed. She’s a pretty laid-back girl who is patient when the humans are being goofy (she will let you put things on her head and take pictures of her, for instance), and has an unending purr. Her favorite toys include anything with feathers on it, toys made out of fur, and she will leap across the room to take down a feather teaser (a skill she has taught her kittens, maybe too well!) She gets along well with other cats and her kittens, and would do fine in a multi-cat home – she needs at least one other cat to play with.



Job description: The Snugglebug.

Where’d she come from? She was born right here at Crooked Acres on August 9, 2017.

Physical description: Brown tabby.

Notable Physical Feature: Her long skinny tail, her beautiful stripes, her spotted belly, her pretty green eyes, and her silky fur.

Charming Personality Quirk: The slow approach. She watches you from across the room, sneaks over to lean up against you, flops over your legs, and finally climbs into your lap, where she lays upside down.

Favorite food: Like her mother, not a picky girl. Enjoys chicken baby food, but right now they’re on Authority Adult kibble. Also enjoys a sprinkle of Friskies Party Mix at night, and she is VERY fond of freeze-dried minnows.

Favorite toys: Anything with feathers on it and her dog fur toy. Also crazy about the feather teaser.

Favorite game: Jumping on Hubble and making him squeal.

Overall description: Aurora is a sweet little snuggler who was the largest of her litter for most of their kittenhood until one of her brothers took that title. Now she’s a long lean snugglin’ machine. She will sit and watch you quietly, slowly approach you, and then lean against you before flopping across your legs and then working her way into your lap. She likes to be upside-down in your lap for reasons known only to her, and then will grab your hand and rub her face all over it. She is a super playful girl who will play like crazy and then fall into a snuggle pile with one (or more) of her siblings and her mother. Her favorite toys include toys made from dog fur, anything with feathers on it, and she goes crazy for the feather teaser. She gets along great with her siblings, will puff up at the sight of a strange cat, but adapts quickly. She would do best in a home with other cats who will play and snuggle with her.



Job description: Assistant Snoopervisory Manager.

Where’d he come from? He was born right here at Crooked Acres on August 9, 2017.

Physical description: Brown tabby and white.

Notable Physical Feature: “Freckle” on his right nostril (kinda makes him look like he’s always flaring one nostril at you), tabby patch in the middle of his white belly, and a lightning bolt on his back.

Charming Personality Quirk: Strangers scare him at first and he’ll run and hide, but he’s far too nosy to stay hidden for long.

Favorite food: He’s on Authority Adult kibble, and will eat most canned food you put in front of him. He loves Gerber chicken and gravy baby food, adores the occasional slurp of goat milk, likes his nightly treat of Friskie Party Mix, and likes crunching down freeze-dried minnows.

Favorite toys: He will FLY from across the room to grab the feather teaser, goes nuts over the honeysuckle-scented toys in the room (Zanies Shaggy Ducks and Frogs toys, which are no longer available anywhere; I have other honeysuckle-scented toys that I need to dig out and see if it’s the honeysuckle he likes so much, or the toys themselves), and likes any toys with feathers or fur.

Favorite game: Chasing his mama (and running from his mama), going crazypants over the feather teaser, and jumping on whichever sibling is closest.

Other: Hubble throws himself into everything he does, but the concept of strangers absolutely blows his mind. If he sees a stranger – cat or human – his first instinct is to hide. But his innate nosiness gets the better of him, and before long you’ll see him peeking around the corner at you and running over to play near you. We are fairly sure that he’s got springs instead of knees, because if you wave a feather teaser at him, he BOING-BOING-BOINGS straight up into the air. He is on the run all the time and has a ton of energy to spare, but once he’s exhausted that energy, he might be up for a snuggle before he races off again. He loves playing with honeysuckle-scented toys, is interested in catnip toys, and loves toys with feathers on them. He’s a big fan of the feather teaser, and will chase it as long as you wave it around for him. He gets along great with his siblings and mother, will puff up at the sight of a strange cat, but will adjust fairly quickly. He would do best in a home with other cats who will play and snuggle with him.



Job description: Head Snooperviser.

Where’d she come from? She was born right here at Crooked Acres on August 9, 2017.

Physical description: Brown tabby.

Notable Physical Feature: Delightful stripes, caramel coloring, spotted belly, and very soft and silky fur.

Charming Personality Quirk: Her curious streak. She always wants to know what I’m doing, and probably is also wondering WHY (I’m certain she wants to know what my fascination with the litter box is about.) She’s the one who’s always first to greet me at the door in the morning, and at the landing when I come up the stairs during the day.

Favorite food: She’s eating Authority brand kibble, likes most canned foods (she seems to be partial to pate rather than shredded), likes her Friskies Party Mix, and loves freeze-dried minnows.

Favorite toys: Loves feathered toys (especially loves to sniff them), loves to jump up and grab the feather teaser, and will chase after mylar balls if you toss them for her.

Favorite game: Jumping on her nearest sibling and then objecting loudly when they grab and kick her. Chasing after mylar balls and playing soccer with them.

Other: Stardust is the kitten who always knows what’s going on. She’ll follow you around and watch whatever you’re doing, and you get the idea that she’s taking notes and will write a fair and balanced blog entry about your litter box-scooping technique on a secret website. Whatever you’re doing, you’ll inevitably turn to see that her eyes are on you. She’s endlessly fascinated by the actions of the humans in her vicinity and is fully committed to being the head snooperviser. She is very laid-back about being picked up and kissed, and will put up with being held on her back like a baby, but not for very long. She is learning to enjoy belly rubs, though she’s not quite sure she understands them. She is a super playful girl and will chase any toy that you toss for her, but has a special fondness for feathered toys. She has very soft, silky fur, and luckily enjoys being petted and tolerates being kissed. She gets along great with her siblings and mother, gets a little worried about strange cats, but is more curious than scared, and after some adjustment time wants to be friends. She would do best in a home with other cats to play and snuggle with.



Job description: The Daydreamer.

Where’d he come from? Born right here at Crooked Acres on August 9, 2017.

Physical description: Dark brown tabby.

Notable Physical Feature: Striking dark stripes, pretty green eyes, and his constant purr.

Charming Personality Quirk: He’s Da BAYbee – although, unlike previous holders of that title, he’s a little reluctant to confirm his status when asked. We’re working on his response time.

Favorite food: He eats Authority Adult kibble and will nibble at whatever canned food you offer him, but he’s not particularly food-driven (which is funny, since he and Hubble are the heaviest of the litter). He doesn’t get the appeal of Friskies Party Mix, and doesn’t care for freeze-dried minnows, thank you. He does enjoy the occasional slurp of goat milk.

Favorite toys: The feather teaser makes him get boingy, though he’s often nowhere near the teaser when he boings. He loves any toy with feathers, and likes a game of chase-the-rattly-mouse.

Favorite game: Wrestling with any of his siblings (especially Hubble), and chasing/being chased by his mama.

Other: Telstar is the quiet daydreamer of the litter – he’ll sit back, observe, and then make his move. He was the first of his litter to purr for the humans, loves to lean against you for a snuggle, and is laid-back about being snatched up and kissed. He has a very quiet squeak of a meow, and if you ask him “Are you the BAYbee?”, he’ll tell you that he certainly is. He might be a quiet little lovebug, but he’s also got his crazy side. He’s been known to spot a feather teaser from across the room and boing straight up into the air, nowhere near where the teaser is. He’s been known to run into a room at such high speed that he goes sliding across the floor. His favorite toy is any that has feathers on it, and of course he loves the feather teaser. He loves to wrestle with his siblings or mother, and then pile up with them for a long nap. He gets along great with his siblings, will get floofy at the sight of a strange cat, but de-floofs pretty quickly so that he can make friends with them. He would do best in a home with other cats who will play and snuggle with him.


(Yes, she’s been adopted – but I could hardly leave her out, could I?)


Job description: The Wild Child.

Where’d she come from? Born right here at Crooked Acres on August 9, 2017.

Physical description: I guess we’d call her white and brown tabby.

Notable Physical Feature: The tabby patch on her left leg (just like Mama!), the shape on her back that looks like a phoenix rising from the ashes (well, kind of…), and the tabby blotch over her left eye that is utterly adorable.

Charming Personality Quirk: That girl is crazy and has endless energy and confidence.

Favorite food: She’s eating Authority Adult kibble and whatever canned food you give her. She adores her nightly treat of Friskies Party Mix and goes crazy-eyed over freeze-dried minnows.

Favorite toys: The feather teaser, the laser light, and whatever toy you want to toss for her.

Favorite game: Carrying around fur-covered toys and growling at whichever sibling she’s afraid will try to take it away from her. Chasing and wrestling with her siblings and her mama.

Other: Phoenix is a wild child who has loads of energy to spare. She’s a very curious girl who always wants to know what’s going on, and thinks she needs to keep an eye on everything. She’s a total little nut who goes CRAZY for the feather teaser, and we’ve had to curtail her feather teaser playing more than once for worry that she’d end up with a concussion from flying across the room to grab the feather teaser and hitting the wall instead. (It’s a good thing kittens are made from rubber and marshmallow fluff.) She is one confident girl (okay, new things scare her, but she comes around quickly – especially if there’s a toy involved!) and doesn’t hesitate to wade in to join the fray. She has a lovely tabby patch above her left eye that looks like it could be a hoofprint, a copyright mark, a quotation mark, or a heart (if you don’t know what a heart looks like). We prefer to call it her angel kiss. She plays hard, she sleeps hard, and she loves her Mama and her siblings. But don’t get too attached – Phoenix has been adopted and will go home after she’s been spayed!


Jake prefers to keep his loons well-tuned.


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10-30-17 Monday — 9 Comments

  1. It sounds like they are all strong, healthy, curious, loving kittens! Hubble is my favorite out of this bunch.

  2. Wonderful descriptions, Robyn. Here’s hoping all members of this glorious litter and their lovely mum find some great people/families very soon.

  3. Wonderful job of selling those sweet kittens. But I live in California. But, I have to say, If I lived near you, it would be Mercury. She is So lovely. Lucky will be the person that includes her into their home !!!! Then comes Telstar. You have wonderful kittens !!!!!!

  4. I would add to Mercury’s description that she has eyeliner that would make Cleopatra envious. 🙂

  5. I talked up this litter yesterday to some people who were looking at the kitties at PetSmart. I do hope that they all get adopted quickly. If I thought I could sneak him in, I would bring Telstar home with me. Think Bill and Jessica would notice. Andre and Bella would just see another playmate.

    So happy to see that a large number of the kitties at PetSmart had pending adoptions. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to go in there and find no kitties available for adoption.

  6. I just read the 2007 entry, wherein Mr. Boogers howls, and Fred tries to get you to pet the dead squirrel (“Stop it, LENNY. I’m not going to PET THE DEAD SQUIRREL.”) and I am going to be silently laughing all day over here and making people wonder what’s wrong with me…good stuff!