10-29-17 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Box o’ Telstar.

Good night, innernets. (Hubble)

Breakfast at the Milk Bar Cafe. (Telstar, Aurora, Stardust & Mercury)

Good night, innernets. (Telstar)

Telstar, up close and personal with Uncle Stefan.

Good night, innernets. (Stardust & Aurora)

Good night, innernets. (Telstar)

Hubble & Telstar, catching up at the scratching post.

Hello, trouble. (Phoenix)

Good night, innernets. (Aurora & Hubble)

Mercury, takin’ a rest.

“Lady, you is late for nap time. We started without you!” (Aurora, Hubble, Phoenix, Telstar & Stardust)

Good night, innernets. (Aurora)


Video! The Missions from 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 weeks old.

YouTube link


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