10-27-17 Friday

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Okay you guy, time for a family portrait! Everyone come up on the bed…

Well Hubble and Aurora are looking in the right direction, the rest of you guys need to get lined up, please.

Phoenix? Up here, sweetie. Everyone else is looking the right way…



Aurora? Telstar? This way, guys.

That’s a pretty good one.

Now where did your mother get to? She needs to be in the picture, too.

Guys? Over here?



Video! Family portrait: making the magic happen. It’s not very exciting, but there’s something about seeing them all lined up like that makes me smile. I wish I’d gotten Mercury to join in!

YouTube link


When you see Smilin’ Joe (Joe Bob) inside on Fred’s desk, that’s when you know the weather has turned cool.


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10-27-17 Friday — 10 Comments

  1. Ha! They are such adorable little monkeys. Getting long and lanky, they are.

    Seeing this progression makes me appreciate how much work goes into your photography, Robyn. I only wonder one thing — do you have an extra hand that waves the feather teaser while you shoot?

  2. Hee hee, aw these little monkeys and their Mama are so much fun!

    I love me a smiling Joe Bob.