10-26-17 Thursday

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Sweet Aurora in the sun.

A shot of the whole family.

Stardust can’t decide whether she wants to take a nap or bite someone on the butt.

Another shot of the whole family. Telstar’s like “SIGH. This place is always packed!”

Mercury is just so PRETTY.

Judging by the side eye I’m getting from Telstar, I’m pretty sure that he and Hubble were just gossiping about me. RUDE.

“What, lady?”


Hubble certainly looks guilty, doesn’t he?

And Mercury’s tired of me and that camera.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) patiently sits still long enough for me to take her picture, but she’s clearly reached Shenanigan Overload.


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10-26-17 Thursday — 12 Comments

  1. Ha! They are beautiful.

    Good news on Cookie — the vet hit him with Revolution and I washed everything that could be considered a fabric and scrubbed down the bathroom, and I haven’t seen another flea yet. Complicating this is the fact that little man rolls through the litterbox while playing on a regular basis (did you know that until you get it wet, Tidy Cat looks like flea dirt when stuck in a kitten’s fur? V. frustrating) Just to be sure, I’ll run him through a Dawn bath and blow dry him so he is warm and looks like a ball of tuxedo fluff.

  2. I too sometimes wonder whether to nap or to bite someone on the butt. Stardust poses a most excellent question.