10-25-17 Wednesday

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In the comments the other day, warriorinside said:

I just wanted to thank you and the other people on this blog for all the information and good tidbits that I’ve gotten from you in the years that I’ve been reading. I got a kitten that I judge to be about six weeks old dumped on me by a panicked friend who saved him from another lady in their complex who was going to take him to a shelter. Thanks to you guys, I had a good idea of what to do and what his needs were, and he’s bouncing around like a pudgy little champ and left me a perfect Tootsie roll in the litterbox this morning.

I might be sucked into this fostering thing yet….

And he’s got fleas. *sigh* Nothing is perfect, but isolating him in the bathroom has its benefits. At least it’s just the bathroom I have to scrub down. The good news that he is FeLeuk and FIV negative. If anyone knows of a foster program that can find this kitten a placement with other kittens, let me know.

Edited to add: warriorinside is in the Baltimore/Washington area but is willing to drive to meet people within reason.

Here are a couple of pictures of the little muffinhead.

What a CUTIE!


The kittens are 11 weeks old today! I didn’t take progress pictures of them this week, either, because we’ve had a busy few days. Is it really only Wednesday? I will definitely have their 12 week pictures up next week.

Aurora finds me puzzling.

Playing peekaboo with Hubble.

“What doon, lady?”

At least now that they have the run of the upstairs, Mercury can nurse her kittens in COMFORT (ie: on Fred’s bed.)

They’re multi-taskers, nursing while keeping an eye on me.

Aurora, still trying to figure me out.

Phoenix, keeping an eye on me.

No blue left in those eyes!


“Lady, it’s gotten suddenly cold. I believe I’ll take up residence in the garage for the winter, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.”


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10-25-17 Wednesday — 21 Comments

  1. warriorinside – blue Dawn dish detergent (ONLY the blue colored one), is good for bathing kittens and killing off fleas. Start with putting a ring of Dawn around his neck, so they don’t all run to his head/face. After bathing, you can flea comb him.

    • Good to know, thanks! The vet I took him to has given me some tips as well, so we’ll see how this goes.

    • you have to leave the soap on the kitten for five minutes for it to break down the waxy outer coating of the flea for it to drown.

      I find that using a capstar is more effective for killing the live fleas on the cat in the quickest amount of time, and then frontline/revolution/or advantage for long term to kill the fleas that haven’t hatched yet

      • Be careful with Capstar. I know that the shelter will give them 1/2 a capstar if they are below a certain weight. Capstar is excellent though for removing initial fleas.

  2. I’m sorry, I thought I’d mentioned. I’m in the Baltimore/Washington area but am willing to drive to meet people within reason.

  3. When my girls brought home kittens with fleas, I would submerge them (the kittens not my daughters) up to their necks in warm water, and instead of spitting , they would purr so happy to be relieved of the itching. Water and most of the fleas go down the commode.

  4. I’m in the DC metro area, and I’ve found http://www.lostdogrescue.org (the ones behind the Lost Dog Cafe restaurants) to be an excellent rescue organization. I adopted my youngest cat through them, and she had a wonderful foster home before she came to me. When I was living in Towson, MD, I adopted my now-nine-year-old-cat-then-kitten from http://www.animalrescueinc.org through the Towson Petsmart, and had a very good experience with them as well.

    • I’d contacted Rude Ranch and PAWS DC, but haven’t heard back from either one yet. I’ve discovered that one of my adult cats is a facilitator, and as soon as I am sure the fleas are dealt with 100%, I’ll introduce them and see what happens. If I’m lucky enough to have a Charlene Butterbean in Fizzgig, I might not need that.

      • I’d also contact small miracles in Ellicott City. It’s a no-kill shelter that also has foster programs

  5. 1) warriorinside’s little guy is adorable. 2) Mercury’s Missions are HUGE. 3) Well played, Maxi. 4) Robyn, I have your keeping busy has been VERY fruitful!

    • Thanks! I call him Cookie. This has of course morphed into Cookie-monster, because what else?

  6. A tootsie roll, lol. What an adorable little pudgy muffinhead! Look at that fuzzy floof…

    Yeah, they’ve got a “yeah, we’re still nursing? And?” look on their faces as they give the weird lady the kitten version of a bratty teenager eye-roll.

  7. warriorinside-That muffin is adorable! I am in Harrisburg PA. If you don’t find anything in your area you might want to expand up to here.

    • Oh, that’s definitely within reason. I follow the Bears, so I drive to Hershey a couple of times a year at least. Harrisburg is no hardship.

  8. Sorry, warriorinside, I’m south of DC, but I don’t dare come near an adoptable kitten. Years ago, I left town for my mom’s funeral, and came back to find that my hubbs had acquired two one-month olds. They are fifteen now. Since then, we’ve had a 50% failure rate at fostering, plus one I adopted from a place where I was working rather than letting them take her to the local shelter. Oreo Cookie sure is cute, tho…