10-24-17 Tuesday

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Note: in one more week, Mercury and her kittens will be going for their spays and neuters. And once that’s done, they will be available for adoption (except for Phoenix, who has already been spoken for.) If you are in the Huntsville, Alabama area or willing to travel here and would like to adopt one or more of these cats, it’s time to speak up. You can contact Forgotten Felines of Huntsville on Facebook or email them at info@ffhsv.org to discuss adoption procedures.


Lately, every time I’ve gone into the kitten room, there’s been a flood of kittens trying to escape. I didn’t want to start giving them the run of the upstairs before I left for Myrtle Beach, since herding kittens back into the foster room at the end of the day is my job, and Fred had plenty to keep him busy while I was gone. When I opened the door Saturday evening, Hubble, Telstar and Aurora came rushing out, so I let them out and shut the door behind them.

“I’ve made a terrible mistake,” said Hubble.

“What is going ON?!”

“Hello, beautiful,” said Telstar.

Sunday morning we put the screen door up at the bottom of the stairs, and opened the foster room. The kittens came out in a rush, followed by Mercury, and they’ve been having a blast with all that space to run around in.

“Whatchoo mean it’s nap time? What’s nap time?”

Pondering nap time.

Phoenix in the puffy bed.

Hubble in the sun.

Aurora’s all “Tryin’ to nap here, lady!”

Flirty Stardust, on Fred’s bed.

The kittens have all made it to the bottom of the stairs at one point or another, and Dewey has spent plenty of time flirting with the kittens and playing Slappy Paws under the door. Except for Archie, none of the permanent residents have been allowed upstairs to hang out with them, mostly because I figure we should take one step at a time.

Archie only ended up upstairs because he likes to go up there and eat out of the food bowl in the bathroom, and he was being a pain about wanting to go up. Fred went up with him, and Mercury just watched Archie sniff around, eat, and leave. In another few days, I’ll let Dewey go upstairs and see how that goes. He just wants to be buddies with the kittens, so Mercury might not have an issue with him – in fact, she might play with him herself! She is one playful girl.


It’s a Newtles in the sun.


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10-24-17 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. <3 this post! Yay kittens! FREEEEEEDOM!

    Just wanted to make a small announcement: I got a kitten. His name is Felix and he is a very dark gray tabby with a cream chin and eyeliner. He appears to be part Maine Coon. He has fulfilled his duties already by easing the pain in my heart from the loss of my Lola and Emma.

      • I saw that you stalked his pics. 🙂 Isn’t he precious!? Uncle Sidney loves him already! Binx is scared, but intrigued…and Laney, well, that rug rat had better not touch her! LOL

        He is beautiful and he is trouble, but in the best sort of way. Just touch him and he purrs. He purrs while playing with his toys…just purrs. He is already sleeping with me at night. I wubs him!

    • My first cat, Tody, was a boy. He was about a year and half old when I got Stormy who turned out to be pregnant. She allowed him to pick up and move her kittens from room to room several times. They weren’t even a week old the first time he did it. She just sat there and watched him move them from the bedroom to the livingroom, on separate floors. Within five minutes of moving the last one she trotted downstairs and moved them all back up. I think he did that at least 5 times, once to another bedroom, but all the other times to the livingroom. Cracked me up that she would just sit and watch him do it then once he was done she’d move ’em back. Obviously she didn’t like where he was moving them to but didn’t want to interrupt him while doing it. LOL

      • Oh my lord, I LOVE this story!!! (All my permanent residents are terrified of kittens until they’re at least 2 months old!)

  2. Wow, is it already the snipping time?! But, they were just born…

    The visual of Dewey playing slappy paws with a kitten is just too funny!