10-23-17 Monday

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I am back from Myrtle Beach, and the kittens are THRILLED.

“Do we know you?”

“Nope. You don’t look familiar at all.”

Pretty Stardust.

Aurora’s eyes match that bed!

Hangin’ out in the tiny box.

Kittens from above.

“What doin’, weird lady?”

Snuggling with Aurora.

Tandem yawning.


The taming of Khal Drogo seems to be going well. This happened Saturday night.

This is the first time I was able to pet him without Fred between us as a buffer. Khal wasn’t quite sure about this situation, was nervous and kept looking at Fred (who was across the room) and at the door. But after I’d been petting him for about ten minutes and I backed away from him and held out my hand, he came over to me for more petting.

He is very very soft – petting him is like petting a big, plush silky cotton ball.


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10-23-17 Monday — 18 Comments

  1. Love the kittens’ overwhelming reaction to your return! Khal is home now, and having tamed Fred,realizes he has another hooman willing to do his bidding and give him pets. Win!

    Just read the 2008 entry about Kara’s homecoming. Sheriff Mama is home!

  2. Yay Khal!

    I just wanted to thank you and the other people on this blog for all the information and good tidbits that I’ve gotten from you in the years that I’ve been reading. I got a kitten that I judge to be about six weeks old dumped on me by a panicked friend who saved him from another lady in their complex who was going to take him to a shelter. Thanks to you guys, I had a good idea of what to do and what his needs were, and he’s bouncing around like a pudgy little champ and left me a perfect Tootsie roll in the litterbox this morning.

    I might be sucked into this fostering thing yet….

      • And he’s got fleas. *sigh* Nothing is perfect, but isolating him in the bathroom has its benefits. At least it’s just the bathroom I have to scrub down. The good news that he is FeLeuk and FIV negative. If anyone knows of a foster program that can find this kitten a placement with other kittens, let me know.

      • Is there anything in all the world that blue Dawn doesn’t do? I swear it’s among the most versatile and useful substances on Earth.

        Thanks for the tip.

  3. Aw, that’s awesome that Drogo’s coming around. 🙂 See Drogo, weird lady isn’t so bad!

    You know, that bed – the green one with the freaky tentacle-type thingies – would give me nightmares. But, as long as the kitties are happy and comfortable…

    (Oh, and I’m trying to figure out – what’s that on your slippers? In the second picture.)

  4. Robyn of Clan Anderson and of The House of Love & Hisses “The Mother of Kittens” tamer of Khal Drogo

  5. Hi Robyn and other cat-adorers,
    I have recently adopted kittens (they are glorious and wonderful and so so cute and doing brilliantly — here are their little faces! https://i.imgur.com/FDRFLzk.png ). A friend is now in love with them and wants to know all about kittens and their care ready for when he can adopt his own. I immediately recommended Love and Hisses to him, but can anyone suggest an ideal place to start in the archives? I’d like to give him a page-by-page story of how kittens grow up. Maybe a mama cat’s arrival day, with a litter where everyone was healthy? I was going to start with Mercury and her Missions but then I remembered poor Kepler, Skylab and Sigma, and thought that was too sad to link him as his first-ever post. Khaleesi and the Dragons perhaps? The Wonkas? Other kitten-advice link suggestions also very welcome!
    Many thanks.

    • Oh my lord, aren’t they CUTE! If you’d like to direct him toward Khaleesi and her kittens – which was a pretty drama-free experience for the most part – that starts here. I’m currently enjoying watching the Cookies grow up again (read about them starting here).

      If you go to the page of all the fosters, there’s a picture of each bunch of fosters, along with a link to go to their page, and on most of the pages there’s a direct link to the first post about that litter, and then just click on the arrows at the top or bottom to follow along. (The Cookies were AWFULLY cute, though. As were Khaleesi and her bunch. I’d go choose another offering except that I’m afraid I’d get lost in the archives and not come up for air for a month. 🙂 )