10-22-17 Weekly Roundup

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

Would you care for a cuppa Telstar?

Good night, innernets. (Telstar)

“Hellew, innernets. Please admire my big ol’ foot.”

Phoenix presenting her foot while wrapped in a packing strap. As you do.

Stefan and Jake, wishing you a good night, innernets.

Ears in the sun.

“What, lady? What you want?” (Hubble)

Good night, innernets, from mama Mercury.

Happy 10 week birthday, babies! (Yes, 10 weeks and still nursing whenever she’ll let them. They’ll nurse ’til they’re separated from her, if she’ll let them -and she probably will!)

hey loves the Mama. (The Mama loves ’em too, she supposes.) That’s Phoenix in there between Mercury and Stardust, nursing.

Good night, innernets. (Phoenix & Aurora)

Da BAYbee has the grumpies. (Telstar)

SOMEONE has to guard the basket of toys – might as well be Hubble.

Good night, innernets. (Aurora)

I promise you, she’s not always as annoyed as she looks. She LOVES her babies, they just tend to be a little… needy. (Or kneady!) Mercury & Stardust

Hubble in an Azalea hat. (I took like 70 pictures before I got one where he didn’t flip it off his head immediately.)

“Innernets, please shhh. Am tryin’ to sleep! Good night, innernets.” (Aurora)

Have a cuppa Phoenix to start off your Caturday?

Don’t stare into the sun, Mercury, you’ll melt your brain, and that’ll be a pain to clean up!

There’s a fly buzzing around, and Stardust is fascinated.

Sun-stunned. (Hubble)

Have yourself a soothing cuppa Telstar while you try not to think about the fact that the weekend is PRACTICALLY over. (You’re welcome!)

What you doin’, innernets?” Phoenix totally looks like she’s posing for a school picture.

Let’s pretend you can’t see out the window that this picture was taken in the middle of the day, okay? And that Hubble doesn’t look remotely sleepy. Let’s just admire the whiskers and ears, and say good night, innernets.


Videos! The first one is the week in kittens: 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 weeks old.

YouTube link

The second is a Myrtle Beach sunrise, sunset, and then the view from the plane as I left.

YouTube link

And lastly, a time-lapse sunrise. I did NOT almost drop the phone – I had it sitting in a Gorillapod on the sand, and when a wave came at it, I grabbed the phone and ran backwards at full speed. I didn’t get my feet wet OR lose the phone, I consider that a win-win!

YouTube link


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